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Nezih EkmekciI use Nikon D300. I'm taking u/w photos since 1996.TurkeyTurkey
oscar castroNikon D7000 2X Sea&Sea YS-D2 Ikelite HousingMexicoMexico
Ipah UidG15 canon powershot, Canon housing,My Website
Erik ShenkoHi, i've been a underwater photographer since I arrived to the caribbean sea in 2004, first diving and doing cave cenotes pictures but most recently doing fashon and wedding pictures.My Website
Ute NiemannJust fascinated when discovering this for me unknown world. Underwaterphotgrapher since 5 years. Olympus E-620 in BS-Kinetics-Housing. Makro and Wideangel.My Website
Maarten ElzingaD7100 - Hugyfot - Nikkor & Tokina fisheye, Nikkor 105mm MicroMy Website
Alison RanheimCamera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3, How long: 7 years, Favorite Photo site: Honolu'a Bay, MauiUnited StatesUnited States
Patricia SinclairCurrently using the olympus OMD EM-1. I am still learning photography on a daily basis, what makes a good image and what doesn't. I simply adore diving and would rather be underwater than working my 9 to 5. I have dove in most places of the Caribbean and now am diving the Philippines when I have enough time off to do so. United StatesUnited States
Nina BaxaWater. I’ve been fascinated with it from before I can remember. Apparently my father – in trying to impress my parents’ female friends with his knowledge of babies – gently submerged me as a new-born into our pool. I couldn’t get enough of it. I became PADI certified in 2008, and bought a cheap point-and-shoot camera with my husband to show our friends and family the wonders of the Caribbean Sea. With time, I got better gear along the way – currently I’m in love with 4/3 mirrorless cameras. I feel I’ve only just begun really getting into underwater imaging. I’m most certainly still learning, and will always do so. I remind myself most of all to witness the beauty around me, all the time. With photographs, it all comes back to that one thing in the end: Water. It inspires me. If I can show the beauty of water, and the crucial importance of water, and all nature’s gifts in it, in any conceivable way, I’ll have a happy soul. The journey continues. My Website
Cayman islandsCayman islands
Shane BathamMany yearsMy Website
Ken KieferKen Kiefer has always had a love for the water and it’s residents. He grew up surfing and loving nature. This progressed to lifeguarding to stay near the water as much as possible. While lifeguarding he was introduced to scuba diving in 1992 and it was love at first breath. He quickly progressed through the dive ranks to become a PADI instructor by 1994. He wanted to share all of the beauty that he was experiencing underwater with his friends and family, so he tried both still photography and video to bring a small part of the underwater realm home to them. Starting with a tiny point and shoot Sealife and working through a Nikonos and various small video formats, Ken found his passion when DSLRs came onto the scene. Digital media allowed him to better express the creativity that he wanted to show. Ken honed his photojournalistic style by shooting in the swift currents of Cozumel and with speedy swim teams. He had to learn to compose shots in seconds, because many tim...My Website
United StatesUnited States
Philippe TonaciniNikon D90 caisson nauticam flash subtronic, plongeur eau douce et froideSwitzerlandSwitzerland
Jaime Leonardo Gonzalez SalazarAm an underwater photo videographer, am shooting since 2008, am not a fanboy I actually use both sistems canon and nikon and i am really confortable with both. I love the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.My Website
Ivan VychodilDiving and underwater life is my passion since my 16 when I was fascinated by Cousteau and Hass books and movies... I started with diving in 1982 - CMAS, established a diving club at The Prague University of Agriculture, being diving instructor for a while, playing underwater rugby long time and photographing under water a bit more seriously since 2009. I také pictures trying to share with other people the beauty of underwater world, to bring some more cognition of it and to show that it deserves and needs our protection. Currently I use Canon EOS 5D mark III with Canon EF 17-40mm/4 L, Canon EF 15mm/2,8 Fish Eye and Canon EF 100mm /2,8 L Macro USM in Ikelite housing and Ikelite strobes DS 160 + DS 200Czech RepublicCzech Republic
Lisa GrahamI think I was a mermaid in a past life. I discovered u/w photography on one of my first dives in Cozumel in 2001 when I took a disposable camera to 60' and got one image. I was hooked and have been deep into photography ever since. I shoot with a Nikon D300, Ikelite housing and DS160 strobes.My Website
Kunal KutwarooLiquid Image Mask CameraMauritiusMauritius
eda çıngınikon D7100 sea and sea housing inon Z 240 dual strobe 60 mm and 105 mm nikkor lens and tokina 10-17 mm nikkor 10.5 fisheye lens retra and reefnet snoot for inon . 2 years work wide angleTurkeyTurkey
jack juangNauticam Canon 1ds Underwater Fashion Taiwan jack-studio.comMy Website
Susan NickersonI am still just learning the basics of U/W photography, using a Nikon D7100 with Nauticam housing.United StatesUnited States
Frédérique LEGRANDNikon D7000French PolynesiaFrench Polynesia
1746 Entries Found: Page 16  of  88