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Mario BonicI'm an underwater photographer for two years. From equipment, use a Olympus E-620. I dive in island of Losinj archipelago.CroatiaCroatia
Paula BookerI am currently shooting a Sony A55 in an Ikelite Housing. To date, my favourite dive destination is Dumaguete, Philippines. Although I frequent the Caribbean as often as possible, I truly enjoy cold water wreck diving in the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway. As the owner of The Dive Academy in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, I am hopeful to spend the rest of my days sharing the wonders of the underwater world with those who cannot see it for themselves.My Website
Jeannot KuenzelOlympus E-PL3 with the Leica DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm f/2.8 ASPH OIS inside the PT-EP05L housing, carrying a Zen Underwater FP-100-EP Port with an INON UCL-165 M67, an INON UCL-165 LD, an INON Z240, an INON s2000 and the INON clear photo system. All info about the glass I use can be found here: Website
Erna LucasI was given my underwater Panasonic about 6 months ago and I surprise myself every time when I see how the pics turn out.AustraliaAustralia
Herbert FutterknechtCanon 5D MK III Seacamhousing, photography since 5 years, favorite dive site is roca Partida SocorroAustriaAustria
Rosario ScariatiMy name is Rosario Scariati I'm 43 years old and I take photographs underwater for about three years, now I own a Canon EOS 550D, Canon EOS 7D ,Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 in Nauticam Housing optics used Canon 50 macro, Canon 100 macro, 8/15 mm canon two lenses SubSee and two flash Sea & Sea YSD1 love to dive between Naples and Sorrento.ItalyItaly
Plamena MilevaI'm Plamena Mileva from Bulgaria. 2010, when my son was only three months, I made my first UW photo with him. My shooting is mainly related with models. Bordering with experiment, they are a challenge to overcome in personal barriers in the pursuit of new, original and often innovative ideas. The underwater photography combine the passion sensibility to the water and the demand for human presence as part of this fabulous reality. Today I shoot with camera Canon 5D Mark III in Ikelite housing and Ikelite strobes DS 161. My Website
Rubén HuguetI'm an S-95 borrower from the dive centre I work for. At some stage I'll have to choose mine, but I don't know which. :/TanzaniaTanzania
YUPING CHENI started diving in 2009, and was so attracted by the magnificent and colorful underwater world.In the autumn of 2012, some underwater photographer friends encouraged me to take UW photographing seriously. I bought a new camera -- Panasonic GX1...Then in the spring of 2014, got my first DSLR camera, Canon 5D markIII. I love to capture the beauty of marine creatures and share my images to others, let more and more people fall in love with the ocean, promote the idea of marine conservation.My Website
Sevil Gurel PekerMy name is Sevil Gurel Peker, I studied archaeology and art history, and worked on underwater archaeological surveys both in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and Cyprus. During the years, the richness and intelligence of underwater life grabbed my attention. Now photography is the only reason I dive.My last equipment is housing for Nikon D810, Inon strobes Z_240, 60mm Nikon, 105 mm Nikon, 16mm Nikon and 10_17 tokina lens.TurkeyTurkey
Gregory TuttSony RX100BelgiumBelgium
Jeffrey OttPanasonic Lumix 12yrsUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Stefan FollowsI have been living and working as a dive center manager, diving instructor and guide in the Gulf of Thailand for the best part of a decade, which has allowed him virtually endless opportunities to indulge in my passion for teaching, diving, photography and all things aquatic. Today, I lead the education department of Core Sea, which gives time even more time for my “hobby”. My Website
Michelle BlaisI'm a 26 year old UW Photographer, SCUBA Instructor, Freediver & Shark Lover. I started with a Sony RX100 and recently bit the bullet and got a Nikon D7200 with a Nauticam housing, 2x Inon z240 strobes, a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye & a Nikkor 60mm macro lens. My Website
Julian NedevCanon 5DM3 _EF 16-35 +IKELITE HousingMy Website
Billy WatsonCurrently shoot w/ a Canon 5Dsr w/ 100mm, 15mm Fisheye, 17-40mm & 50mm. Sea&Sea housing & 2 x Sea&Sea 250 Pro's Started diving 2000. Started underwater photography in 2006 w/ a Sony Cybershot, in 2008 w/ a Canon 30D, in 2010 Canon 5DMkII and currently a Canon 5Dsr. Favorite country to dive is Indonesia. Favorite site, oh that’s a tough one. So many for different reasons. Ulong Channel in Palau, Bubble Reef in Sangeang, Indonesia, Sankisan Maru in Chuuk, Micronesia, Palau Racun in Buyat Bay, Indonesia all come to mind. United StatesUnited States
gang songcanon 5D MKIII+ 8-15mm、14mm、16-35 & 100mm Marco.My Website
Tony YangI’m on underwater photo since 2013, using Canon 5D Mark III with Ikelite housing and DS 161 dual strobe.ChinaChina
Gary GraysonI'm a keen amateur hoping to improve and I use an Olympus E-M5 in a Nauticam housing with twin Inon Z-240's, I've been taking images since 2011, so far favourite dive site is Jardines de la Reina in Cuba where I was fortunate enough to meet Nigel Wade and Paul ColleyUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Boaz MeiriI use a G10 camera with the Fisheye FIX G10 housing, a wide angle port, macro diopter, YS110 and YS27 strobes and Sola light My Website
United StatesUnited States
1746 Entries Found: Page 18  of  88