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Carlos ErnestoI use a motormarine II and I am from Portugal.Now I also have an Olympus C-7070 with an PT-27 case and one sea&sea Ys-60 strob.PortugalPortugal
marjan radovicMarjan Radovic,professional photographer,scuba diving and underwater photography instructor with several associations, like Scuba Schools International – SSI, NAUI and Professional Scuba School – PSS. Combining passion for photography and diving, in 2000 he enters the realm of underwater photography, wanting to show the beauty of underwater world to everyone. While most photographers specialize in underwater life and scenery, Marjan tries to show a different and unique view of sea and swimming pool ambience, models and divers, coral and fish, caves and wrecks. Mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world, he travelled beyond the Adriatic Sea, diving into the Atlantic Ocean several times and capturing its beauty, as well as the Caribbean and the Red Sea. Marjan is always looking for new and original ways for exhibiting his photos. He had 80 individual and around 100 group exhibitions. Marjan’s photos were published in all Croatian magazines about the sea, like More, Aqualung, ...My Website
karl hodgkinsNikon F70 with a Fantasea Housing when the baggage allowance lets me otherwise I use my wifes sea and sea digital Best place for photgraphs well for fish numbers it's the Maldives, for ease of taking shots it's the caribean. Big stuff and exhilaration GalapogosMy Website
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Karl HodgkinsI am a 51 year old living in the UK, Don't get wet so often these days since my wife gave up diving. Favourite dive areas Galapagos, Maldives and the Caribbean.United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Michel De RuyckI use canon 5D with Subal housing and the DS125 substrobe. I picked up u/w photography in 2005. For the moment I am living and working with my family in "the morning of the world", the Island of Bali.My Website
Derek HaslamI am from Cheshire in the United Kingdom I have been taking pictures underwater since 1990. I use a Nikon D3 in a Sea and Sea housing. I use twin Sea & sea 110 flash guns. I like diving all over the UK. A lot of my diving is done around North Wales and Anglesey as it is close to home.My Website
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Patrick BurkeI have been through several housing and camera setups. I currently use a SewaTool housing for a cannon slr. I use dual Inon Strobes. I love Indonesia, but enjoy anywhere under the waves!United StatesUnited States
Michael SalcitoNew Underwater Photographer, Nikonos V - SB105 strobes, 20mm,15mm lens. I prefer to shoot deep wrecks, 100-150 ft with natural light. This is not so easy, as you get about 8 min at 140 ft, and after a 1- hr blow off about 6 -7 min on the second dive. so you only have about 14 min on 2 dives to get a decent shot. Water on these deep wrecks is usually turbid, 70-80 ft of vis is a great day, with 40-50 being the norm. I prefer the Nikonos for this task as it is so small compared to a housed system. I can put the Nikonos in my BC vest pocket if photo ops are scarce and enjoy my dive, with out lugging a housed setup. I have a Nikon D-200, but can*t afford a housing yet. I use it for top side nature photos. I plan to get a housing setup in approx. 6 more months. But I will keep the Nikonos, as I love the small size, and now you can have the pics scanned, and share on the net.United StatesUnited States
Steven WithofsI have just bought an Olympus Tg2 with casing for a trip to Borneo after a few years of inactivity... I am now planning to buy a strobe so better fotos coming soon! I am very pleased with the results of my little inexpensive camera by the way.SpainSpain
Amr Shahinolympus 8080 and ikelite housing, ikelite ds 125 strobeUnited StatesUnited States
Libor SpacekI'm a professional photographer and filmmaker at awarded photographic and film production Escape to Nature. Speciality: scuba diving, marine life, underwater fine art, nature, culture, travel, expeditions, protection and observation of marine life, promotion and advertising.My Website
Czech RepublicCzech Republic
Luigi CartaI have been diving since 1994. Nikonos V with 35mm and 20mm, Strobe Nikon 105, Seacam housing with a Seacam 150 strobe and Canon eos 1n with 16-35mm zoom and 100mm macro. I like to travel and I have mostly visited the african coast of the Indian ocean. I*m now living in Cairo.ItalyItaly
Jane MorganI currently use a Nikon D80 with a Sea and Sea housing and twin YS110 strobes. I am based in London and work as the online editor for DIVE magazine. I have been taking photos since 2001 when I was forced into a photography course whilst on a red sea liveaboard, but have never looked back. Favourite dive site to date is Cannibal Rock, Horseshoe Bay, Rinca.My Website
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Peter SegerdahlD200/D300/D300s/S95/D7000SwedenSweden
Jeff Newbynew to u/wUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Tom LeclaireI use a nikonos III and V with nikonos strobes. For about ten years now. Some of my favorite photos I've taken have been at Whyte Cliff Park in Vancouver British Columbia. Other then there just about any where in British Columbia especially on Vancouver Island. CanadaCanada
Luca BertoglioCanon Eos 20 D, Ikelite camera Housing, DS 125 shutting in TTL, Lens 18-55 mm EF, 50 mm f 1.4, Macro 60 mm f2.8.My Website
Hilario ItriagoNikon N90, D200, 7 years as underwater photographer.My Website
Nicolas PohlHello, I have been an Underwater Adventurer ever since I watched Jacque Cousteau as a young boy. I have been Diving and taking Underwater Photos for years now, my first camera was a Nikonos III . I still have it and have reluctantly switched to a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with an Aquatica Housing and Ikelite Substrobes. I prefer the Sigma lenses for wide angle and for Macro. As a Born-Again Christian, I am always amazed at all of GOD's creations under the waves! May GOD bless you as you seek HIM! SHALOM!Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islands
Grahame MassicksI am a PADI instructor living in Peninsular Malaysia, but originally I am from England. I use an Olympus 5060 digital with macro and wide angle screw on converters, and a Sea & Sea strobe. I took a camera down on my fith dive immediatly after my O.W. course, but I really got into the hobby with my first digital (Sony P1) about four years ago when I went pro. My best diving was on a north Red Sea liveaboard, and I took my best photos on a trip to Bali last year. Most of the time I take my camera in when I am leisure diving off Pulau Tioman, Malaysia, where I work.My Website
1744 Entries Found: Page 82  of  88