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Tom LeclaireI use a nikonos III and V with nikonos strobes. For about ten years now. Some of my favorite photos I've taken have been at Whyte Cliff Park in Vancouver British Columbia. Other then there just about any where in British Columbia especially on Vancouver Island. CanadaCanada
Luca BertoglioCanon Eos 20 D, Ikelite camera Housing, DS 125 shutting in TTL, Lens 18-55 mm EF, 50 mm f 1.4, Macro 60 mm f2.8.My Website
Hilario ItriagoNikon N90, D200, 7 years as underwater photographer.My Website
Nicolas PohlHello, I have been an Underwater Adventurer ever since I watched Jacque Cousteau as a young boy. I have been Diving and taking Underwater Photos for years now, my first camera was a Nikonos III . I still have it and have reluctantly switched to a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with an Aquatica Housing and Ikelite Substrobes. I prefer the Sigma lenses for wide angle and for Macro. As a Born-Again Christian, I am always amazed at all of GOD's creations under the waves! May GOD bless you as you seek HIM! SHALOM!Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islands
Grahame MassicksI am a PADI instructor living in Peninsular Malaysia, but originally I am from England. I use an Olympus 5060 digital with macro and wide angle screw on converters, and a Sea & Sea strobe. I took a camera down on my fith dive immediatly after my O.W. course, but I really got into the hobby with my first digital (Sony P1) about four years ago when I went pro. My best diving was on a north Red Sea liveaboard, and I took my best photos on a trip to Bali last year. Most of the time I take my camera in when I am leisure diving off Pulau Tioman, Malaysia, where I work.My Website
Vicki SarverOlympus 350 Ikelite Housing with Dual StrobesUnited StatesUnited States
Cal Romaneschiu/w camera-Nikonos 3 Living in Valparaiso, IN. 21 years as u/w photographer Barkley Sound on Vancouver Is. BC is my favorite dive siteMy Website
United StatesUnited States
Arnaud HeymannNikon D70SwitzerlandSwitzerland
Michael CanzonieroMike, from NY. Im a clinical psychologist and amateur photographer. Ive been taking U/W photos for about ten years. Ive been to Cayman countless times and still love it, but Ive also done the big ones:PNG, the Red Sea, the Coral Sea... I would have to say my favorite place is Wakatobi, in Indonesia. Last few years I have been digitalized. I recently moved up to a Canon digital rebel in an Ikelite housing and have been delighted with the results, especially my macro photos (using compact 50mm lens). I love this site and am always impressed by the quality of photos displayed!My Website
United StatesUnited States
Craig MontgomeryDigital - Canon G9 with Sea & Sea YS-110. Northern California, NAUI instructor. 20 yrs u/w photography. over 40 yrs diving experience. Favorite photo dive site - Philippines.United StatesUnited States
John DillonNikon D70S - Sea and Sea housing strobes and additonal forced purchase of interface device to make camera and strobes compatible despite initial brochure information. Many delays and issues with equipment during the nearly7 years of owbership. Although camera OK. Very frustrating. Even now command gear drive idle gear broke in half and was stiff and only worked in one direction from early use of this control which was after a few years ago in any case. Running on manual with only sub command set to aperture control and no operation of main command dial. AGAIN awaiting this time replacement failed gear drive Previously used Ikelite camera over approx 5 years. Best photo sites to date in Similan Islands Richelieu Rock recently first time success in nearly 7 years of more than 1 consecutive dive with no major additional problems apart from above. More details available if you wish!!ThailandThailand
Shawn Rener8 yrs, 32 Dive Trips, at least 26,000 deleted pictures....... Started with Cannon A40 Powershot in a Canon housing. Moved on to the Sealife DC500, DC600, Sea & Sea 1G then the 2G with duel YS 27 strobes. Recently shooting various Micro 4/3's cameras, primarily Olympus E-PL1 for U/W.My Website
United StatesUnited States
Fiona AyerstI currently use a Nikon D800 and a nauticam housing. I have been a U/W photographer for 12 years and turned pro in 2006. I will dive and take photos ANYWHERE and in anything. there is always something to take a great photo of!My Website
South AfricaSouth Africa
Mark HoevenaarsOriginally born in the Netherlands, I've lived in Orlando, Florida since 2000. I started underwater photography in 2005 with a simple point-and-shoot camera which slowly evolved into a full-blown addiction... errr... hobby. I upgraded in 2009 to a Nikon D90 in an Aquatica AD90 housing. I have two strobes, both Sea & Sea, a YS-250PRO and a YS-110a on Ultralight arms. To assist in focusing I have a Light & Motion Sola 600 Focus light. My favorite type of UW photography is Macro, because I love to hunt the little critters which brings me to me love of Muck diving. Muck and Macro go hand in hand very well! I shoot a little bit of wide-angle and recently purchased the Tokina 10-17mm Fish-eye which I truly love as well. Despite all the camera gear I still consider myself very much an amateur who gets a lucky shot once in a while. I play with my manual settings a lot to try out different things. When I'm not diving I spend a lot of time reading up on how to best hone my skills.United StatesUnited States
Annika PerssonSwedish Underwater photographer and Scuba Diving instructor living in Norway. I have been taking photos for 6 years. My favourite place is Indonesia. I also enjoy the diving in Norway very much. After more than 2000 dives in both tropical and cold waters, I'm still impressed by the range of facinating animals and creatures that are available for us to see and photograph under water.My Website
Rand McmeinsHome: Seattle, Washington Favortie dive sites: Lembeh, Ningaloo Reef, Port Hardy, Bonaire and always looking for someplace new to dive. Photo gear: Nikon D2x, Subal Housing, Inon strobes. 7 years Shooting U/W.My Website
United StatesUnited States
Michael SchlenkStarted in 2004 with a POS disposable film camera. Was able to get 2 or 3 decent shots and it was all down hill from there. Purchased an Olympus 5060 and Ikelite housing with Ikelite strobe. From there moved on to DSLR, first with a Canon XTi and now with a Canon 5D Mark II. Currently my Canon is housed in an Ikelite housing with dual Ikelite 161 strobes.United StatesUnited States
Nick HobgoodI presently use an Olympus E-330 in an Olympus housing accompanied by by two DS-125 strobes. U/W photo hobbyist for 2 years now. After diving in Darwin-Australia, Haiti, USVI, California, Bunaken- Indonesia, and KohTao-Thailand, East Timor is my favorite place to dive.My Website
Michael CupoloUsing an canon 60DUnited StatesUnited States
Adrian NewellPhotos taken in the Red Sea using Nikon 8700United KingdomUnited Kingdom
1749 Entries Found: Page 83  of  88