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Chris HolmanShooting underwater for many years Diploma of Photogrpahy Nikon D80 Sea&Sea housing Dual Sea&Sea YS-110's Nikon D300s Nauticam Housing Dual Inon Z240's Favorite lens Nikon VR-S 105mm MacroMy Website
chris neltnerI use a sea and sea dx-1g. I've been diving only a year.My Website
Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islands
Alan LyallI learned to dive in the UK in 2000 in quarries and reservoirs. Now prefer warmer bluer waters... Tried film cameras but had only poor results. Started with digital in early 2006 using a Canon EOS 350D in an Ikelite housing. I upgraded to an EOS 50D in June 2009 and added a second DS125 strobe. Favourite places have been Sulawesi, The Philippines, Red Sea and Bonaire.My Website
United KingdomUnited Kingdom
John McManusI have been doing underwater photography for about 9 years. I have about 300 dives to date. My first introduction to u/w photograhy was at a Cathy Chuch class that I took in 2000. The camera that I used was the Nikonos. Now, I use an Olympus 5050 and an Olympus 790 SW. I use the Olympus supplied housing with both cameras. I have yet to buy a strobe (although that is high on my list). My favorite dive site for photograhy (and this is tought one) is probably Grand Cayman or Cozumel. Although, I have taken some photographs that I like in Key Largo, FL.United StatesUnited States
Andres L-M_LarrazI have been teaching diving for over twenty five years. I grew up in Madrid ,Spain, but have been diving all over the world . I have used different cameras for land and for underwater. Nikonos V was the camera with wich I learned underwater photography, then moved to digital w/ a Cannon and recently changed to the Nikon d300 w an Ikelite housing. For everyday use , I also use a Cannon SD 500 with a DC70 housing,and a Canon Sd 940,w/a Wp -Dc33My Website
United StatesUnited States
Hamid ShamsiI use canon camera & housing for digital still photography Nearest dive sites to me are in persian gulf & oman sea.My Website
Iran (Islamic Republic of)Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Ronen ShaulCanon G16 with Ikelite housing, Ikelite DS-125 strobe. Dive a lot in the red sea, and also in the mediterranean.IsraelIsrael
Dave BenzHi... Since 2006 I am an uw-photographer. I am a friend of OLYMPUS cameras. So I use an E-5 in a BS-KINETICS housing and also an E-30 in a BS-KINETICS housing. My favourite dive sites are the caribbean sea (especially curacao) and the philippines. My top shots are not only together with fishes, wrecks and deep blue water...I also love to make underwater images with models and mermaids... so take a look if you want to :-) Website
Borda CristinI use a nikon camera. My first u/w pictures: july 2008RomaniaRomania
Ivelin KrastevMy hobby is a underwater photography.I photography of apnea(freediving).My attempt is small,only 2 years,12 yеаrs i practisе spearfishing.BulgariaBulgaria
RHI DOBBIEG9 with Ikelite housing and inon 1 z240, Trying to save cash to buy a second strobe... Long time to go yet... Been taking shots top side for a few years, loved the old film B&W shots. Been shooting wet for about 6 month... a lot more practice and plenty of hours submerged is needed.United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Tami TarkiainenI have a DSLR (Canon 400D) but no underwater housing. I also have a Canon Digital IXUS 980 IS with underwaterhousin for tkaing pictures when snorcelingFinlandFinland
Rob SniederCanon 550D & Ikelite house Canon 60MM Macro lens + flat port Canon 100MM Macro lens + flat port Canon Fisheye lens + 8" dome port Ikelite DS160 Strobe Ikelite DS161 Strobe Several dioptry lensen DeaExtreme focuslight 2 Snoots Macro extention kit (3 sizes)My Website
Sean CooperI'm a manager and part owner of a dıve center ın Sharm el-Sheıkh. When I can get away from my offıce desk, I lıke to vısıt my watery offıce, my playground. for blog : for dive center: My Website
Cigdem CooperCigdem has been living in Sharm el-Sheikh for the last five years. Cigdem, originally from Istanbul where she worked in television production, found herself drawn to Egypt’s Sinai where its contrast of seemingly barren desert and myriad of life and colours in the sea proved too alluring.My Website
Erdogan AtillaI'm a diver. Underwater photographer.TurkeyTurkey
Esteban ToréEsteban Toré began in UW photography in 2007. Since then he has been learning by himself using internet forums and books. His passion is to observe and photograph marine behaviours but also loves wide angle. Esteban mainly dives are in waters of Málaga but also dives in the rest of Spain and other parts of the world. His favorite destination is Indonesia. In the last years he is competing in some underwater contest. Some of his recent achivements are: - First place in the XXI Spanish CMAS Championship 2009 and representing Spain in CMAs World Championship 2010. - First place in the XX and the XXI Andalusian CMAS Championship 2008/2009. - Second place in the XIII Open del Hierro 2009. ONLINE contest: - Agoust 2009 winner of Monthly Underwater Photography Contest Series. - Winner in macro categorie of LAUPS 47th Annual International Underwater Photographic Competition 2009. - Runner up in Wide angle Marine life of underwaterphotography.comMy Website
Theresa TracyI started taking photos when my boss gave me the Nikonos V for a Christmas gift the year I started diving. I have carried a camera on every dive since then - for fear of missing that "once in a lifetime shot". I currently am shooting digital with the Olympus 8080, Olympus PT-23 housing and the Sea & Sea YS60 strobe.My Website
United StatesUnited States
Els PauwelsEquipment used: Canon Powershot A640 with canon housing Inon Macro lens Ikelite Slave Strobe Favorite diving spot: Oosterschelde, Netherlands My Website
MARCO BartolomucciI am from Italy and I only two years that I am an UW photographer. I use for UW a NIKON D300 and Nikon D100 - Nikkor Lens 12-24, 10,5 mm fisheye and 60mm macro with subtronic alpha, only with manual setting. My Housing an EASYDIVE Leo II and UNDERWAVE Igloo. My housings are made in Italy and I think they are high quality products. I always dive in Italy and I prefer wide angle to macro.ItalyItaly
1601 Entries Found: Page 51  of  81