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by Jeffrey Lim

Ambon scorpionfish in Anilao

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Ecuador

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Whitetip reef shark, just chillin' in the Galapagos.
Hard to get a good shot of the very playful sea lions in the Galapagos. They zip by at lightning speed. While I was snorkeling, this one circled several times, upside down. Locked onto his face and panned the camera with him to get this shot.
A smiling Galapagos sea lion in his natural habitat - a park bench. I wanted to give this cute little guy some money, but he'd probably just spend it on alcohol.
Hammerhead city, aka Darwin Arch, Galapagos Islands.
Canon Ixus 700, inon wide angle lens and MWB.
Hammerheads lining up for a closer look at all the divers - Darwin's Arch, Galapagos Islands
after a land tour on one of the Islands in the Galapagos, I took this photo of fellow guests on the Zodiac, as reflected in the guide's sunglasses !!
Eagle ray at Darwin Arch, ixus 700, mwb
I'm Not Lying......I have not been playing with your make up...
Strong current and cold water, but overall great dive in the Galapagos. This seahorse was surprisingly large (maybe 6 inches).
Sound sleeping cuties in the Galapagos.
Baby sea lion.
Mum had gone fishing and this little baby sea lion was getting lonely and searching for her. Our entire boat wanted to adopt !!!
Espaniola island , galapagos.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
bags of Ahh factor here
fond in Galapagos
Diver dinner time !!
Galapagos Aggressor always provided fun food displays to accompany our meals.

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Editor's Comment
we had one like this last month - that gave us a smile too!
Galapagos Playground !!!
Gapalagos sealions are amongst the most playful animals underwater. They just always seem to be having so much fun.
Fuji F50fd. MWB.
Feeling sleepy ?
In the Galapagos all the animals are unafraid and come very close to people. This little sea lion was tired of resting on the rocks so thought nothing of using one of the sun loungers instead !!!
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2010
3rd place Monthly HotShots
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all together now - ahhhh
found in Galapagos; F100
Hammerhead, Galapagos, up close!
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2010

Final RoundThrough to 2010 awards final round judging

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Editor's Comment
It must be shark month!
Sea Lion, Galapagos Islands
Flip Vertical
Galapagos sea lion on my check dive in the Galapagos, either mimicking my scuba bubbles or warning me not to get any closer...
Jelly in the blue. Wolf island. Galapagos. D200, 10.5mm.
Surgeonfish. Galapagos. D200, 10.5mm.
On my 2008 trip to the Galápagos Islands. Chocolate Chip Sea Star @ Cousin's Rock, Galápagos Is. Ecuador.
this sting ray was trying to hide in the school but I saw it.
one of the biggest nudibranch in my collection, 7 inches.
galapagos school of fish and diver
Frogfish at Gordon's Rocks
Hamerheads. Galapagos. D200, 10.5mm.
586 Entries Found: Page 13  of  22

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