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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Portugal

760 Entries Found: Page 21  of  29
Drifting algae.
Thalassoma pavo
This is an Hermodice carunculata.
Taken in ( S.Miguel - Azores ), with Nikon D100 in Aquatica housing
This photo was captured in Azores Island of Graciosa.
Taken with Nikon D100 in HugyFot Housing
Above the Wreck of Dori, in Azores Island of S.Miguel
Marine live.Olympus c-7070 and Ys-60 strob
paracentrotus lividus.Olympus c-7070 and Ys-60 strob
Scartella Cristata.Olympus c-7070 and YS-60 strob
Sabella spallanzanil.Olympus c-7070 and Ys-60 strob.
flabelina babai.Olympus c-7070 and Ys-60 strob
Parablennius gattorugine. Olympus c-7070 and Ys- 60 strob
Piper gurnard eye photoshopped - Sesimbra, Portugal.
octopus vulgaris.Olympus c-7070 and Ys-60 strob
Different view of a Cuttlefish. Nikkor 105mm, 1/60s, f/18, ISO 200.
Close-up of a cuttlefish, from a different angle - Sesimbra / Portugal. Nikkor 105mm, 1/60, f9, ISO 200.
Red-mouthed Goby - Gobius cruentatus - Sesimbra/Portugal - Nikkor 105mm, 1/60s, f/18, ISO 200.
Cuttlefish eye - no crop. Nikkor 105mm, 1/60, f9, ISO 200.
Cuttlefish - Nikon D90, Hugyfot housing, nikkor 105mm, 1/60, f16.
Yellow gobbie posing...
Hey... we're watching you!
( It's Orwell, ...!!! )
sepia officinalis. Olympus c-7070 and YS-60 strob
At Lisbon Oceanário, an enourmous oceanic aquarium.
The idea is to show the several levels of swimming, the different areas species occupy when swimming.
Taken with a Sony Alph 350, no flash, no filter.
Sunfish (or in portuguese: Peixe-Lua, wich means "moonfish")
Mola-mola, as the latin name.
A special shot on a special day
Dicentrarchus punctatus.
Olympus c-7070 and Ys-60 strob
This is a kind of crab named "Navalheira" in portuguese.
Species: Necora Puber
Family: Portunidae
This picture is an example of Depth of Field usage.
Focus is at crab's eyes.
Water Temp: 16º
Depth: 13.3 meters
Spot: Pedra do Leão - Sesimbra
760 Entries Found: Page 21  of  29

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