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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patrick Reardon

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Hermit crab. D800 with Nikon 105 and SubSea 5X.
Bow shot on the Kittiwake.
Stingray City.
My favorite tube worm.
Side view of a Lettuce Slug showing the beautiful colors along the flanks. These are usually not seen in overhead photos. Cropped to improve details.
"Irony" The millions of silversides at The Devil's Grotto "swallow" a young tarpon as it cruises into their midst.
Diagonal. Lovely rosé colors in the mantle.
Incredibly beautiful skin pattern and texture on a nurse shark. Nice eyeballs, too!
Big wave action. Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu.
Plenty of action with predators and prey. Silversides with jacks and tarpon. The Devil's Grotto, Eden Rock, Grand Cayman.
Après dive dinner view. Georgetown, Grand Cayman.
One of my favorite fish. Fairy Basslet against a nice, dark background.
Taking a break from diving. Daughter at Rum Point, Grand Cayman. One of the perks of diving is that the time between days diving is pretty awesome, as well.
Panorama of the Russian Destroyer on Cayman Brac.
The "eye" of the Kittiwake.
Waterspout! Nothing like a little entertainment before a shore dive. My camera is much harder to use, however, above water in a Subal housing!
Panorama, stitched together from 9 or 10 shots, of my family on an early morning dive on the Russian destroyer in Cayman Brac.
Coral and a fire clam combine to create an "underwater Cookie Monster" .
Bow shot of the Kittiwake.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice bow shot.
In honor of shark week.
Fairy Basslet kind enough to hold still for a photo.
Pistol shrimp in a corkscrew anemone. Note the incredibly small shrimp within the anemone. Nikon 105mm with SubSea 5X.
Squid. Nice details on tentacles. Nikon 105.
Squid with HDR toning.
Beautifully colored Caribbean Lobster.
One of the few times my NIkon 105mm auto-focused rapidly, allowing me to snap off a nice shot of this guy.
308 Entries Found: Page 2  of  12