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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Larry Polster

496 Entries Found: Page 10  of  19
Juvenile Barramundi. D300-60mm
"Comet" this rarely seen fish is unique with the white ringed black spot on dorsal fin. Solitary and cryptic, they hide in crevices on outer reefs. This one shot out of his hiding place and I only got part of him in the frame before he vanished
Many colorful sea fans in the Banda Sea. D300-Tokina 10-17
Pygmy cuttlefish, Ambon Bay, Indonesia. D300-60mm
The corals and colors of the Banda Sea. D300-Tokina 10-17
Ghost Pipefish very common in the waters around Gangga Island.
More soft coral in the clear Banda Sea. D300-Tokina 10-17
D300-Tokina 10-17mm
This juvy trunkfish was bouncing around like a ping pong ball
Pygmy Cuttlefish , Ambon Bay. D300-60mm
Juvenile Emperor Angelfish. D300-60mm
Crinoids and Corals of the Banda Sea. D300-Tokina 10-17mm
Muck dive Lembeh, Cowrie gathering.... D300-60mm
Halgerda carlsoni, D300-60mm
One of many wonderful wall dives in the Banda Sea aboard the Adventurer II. D300, Tokina 10-17mm
One of many schooling Jacks in the Banda Sea. D300-Tokina 10-17mm
Dragging the groceries home !
Mexichromis mariei, Ambon bay. D300-60mm
Muck dive, Ambon bay, Indonesia.
Rhino city, Ambon bay, Indonesia. D300-60mm
Ceratosoma sinuatum, D300-60mm
Rhino City, Ambon Bay, Indonesia. D300-60mm
Blue Ribbon Eel. Ambon Bay, Indonesia. D300-60mm
Blenny Brothers, D300-60mm
Banda Sea on board Archipelago Adventurer II, D300-Tokina 10-17mm
Juvy freckled frogfish, size of thumbnail, D300-60mm
Lembeh muck dive, D300-60mm
496 Entries Found: Page 10  of  19