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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Daniel Strub

615 Entries Found: Page 17  of  23
ready for take-off ... big grin
Clown frogfish ... Dauin
Juv. a. pictus - small but soooooo colorfull big grin - Thanks B-Bhing
Goby on a gorgonia, f. 22 - 1/100
Host shrimp big grin
playing with dept of field and light ... f.4.0 1/60
Apogon incubating. these eggs are less developped than the ones in my prior picture.
a. pictus "psychedelicus" big grin ... found in Dauin. By comparing with the size of the sandcorns you can imagine how big the "guy" was ...
Family ties ...
... gobby ... big grin
Clown frogfish seen in Dauin Bangka Wreck. The froggy was about 5 cm long.
host goby on a green brain (?) coral ...
Picture taken in Dauin. The 2 couples of harlequin shrimps live on a manmade reef and seem to be happy there ... just perfect
In order to enhance the beauty of this chromodoris reticulata i have maipulated the background.
Loki (luky?)whip gobi :-))
Apogon Aureus hatching eggs. have a close look, you can see the eyes of the unborn ... hard to catch face to face ...
Picture taken in Alcoy, Chromodoris
Young Pike in the seegrass, 70mm, f6.3, 1/80
La Ciotat - 100mm, f7.1, 1/50
Buddy Sven on the deco-stop, La Ciotat, the day before the Underwater Festival in Marseilles :-)
Ermite Crab in la Ciotat
Close up of a blennie
La Ciotat_nov. 09
Gammare taken at Rivaz, Lake Geneva
Pike-partners ...
Typical diving scenery in the Visayan Sea
Diving in the Philippines is about the best you can get big grin
615 Entries Found: Page 17  of  23