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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Andrew Macleod

327 Entries Found: Page 8  of  13
Nudi... off Anilao, casio exilim ex z1200
Off Batangas in Philippines. Casio exilim ex z1200
Another small fish shot... Internal strobe on the Casio exilim ex z 1200
Taken in Puerto Gallera Philippines. Casio Exilim EX-Z1200
A Jelly swims by at dusk. Casio exilim zx 1200
Ghost shrinmp... Casio exilim zx 1200
Off Anilao Philippines. Casio Exilim ZX 1200
One of the last photos before the case flooded. Casio exilim zx 1200. Internal strobe. Anilao.
Another close up with the old Casio Exilim.... Internal strobe only
Another of the 'of me not by me' photos.. on board a wreck in Truk Lagoon
Same coral piece in the Blue hole Palau as last month, but a different angle with a different effect...
getting close... no cropping as shot... Casio exilim zx 1200
coral close up.... Before the 'Great Flood' on Saturday... ugh.. sand on the case o-ring and now no more camera :-(
Me in my dive buddy's bubble with the sun overhead. Casio exilim.... (which flooded this weekend... ugh...)
Candy Crab off Batangas, Philippines. Casio Exilim
one of the wrecks in truk lagoon. Casio exilim zx 1200
Ghost pipefish off batangas the Philippines. Casio Exilim
nice colours and background divers.. Casio exilim.
Casio exilim zx 1200.. Porcalain crab
Coral... a hand held strobe pointing down the tube to give it luminescence... Casio exilim zx 1200
Nudi and friend! Look for the fish too!! Casio exilim
A nudi that looks like a bulldog.. Casio exilim zx 1200
A fish inside a wreck at Truk Lagoon... not everyone's taste, but i like the mood...
i could hardly see this guy with my eyes.. thankfully we have macro! Casio exilim point and shoot!
two guys looking for lunch. Batangas Philippines. Casio Exilim.
A Candy Crab wanting his picture taken... Casio Exilim zx 1200
Well it was Valentine's day when this was shot. 2 Nudis mating. Casio Exilim zx 1200
327 Entries Found: Page 8  of  13