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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Richard Witmer

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Turtle in Hawaii. Tokina 10-17.
Swaying in the breeze.
Rhinopias ATTACK! (or just yawning). D300/Inon Strobes/105mm
Oahu - Yo-257, WW2 US Navy refueling ship, intentionally sunk in 1989 by the Atlantis Submarine Group as a dive site and as a wreck to be viewed on their submarine tours.
Shrimp on an urchin.
Anemone with fish and snorkeling boat on the surface. D300/Tokina 10-17/Inon Strobes.
Juvenile Sweetlips. 105mm
Glow Sticks on the way to the Rave!
Stingfish (subfamily Minoinae). ID by Suzan smile
Wonderpuss (Wunderpus photogenicus).
Turtle resting on the deck of a wreck off Oahu. Nikon D300/Inon Strobes/Tokina 10-17.
Pretty! Common Lizard Fish. 105mm.
Nice teeth! If you have ever tried shooting an adult box fish, you know how much fun this was smile D300/105mm
Ambon Scorpion fish. D300/105mm
Gymnadoris Alba. D300/Snooted w separate Ikelite DS160 w/slave sensor.
Just Fishin'. :D Juvenile Shaggy Froggy. Notice his lure is directly toward the camera. D300/105mm
Gummy-Nudi! A delicious treat! (Noumea norba). This very small nudi was cruising along on a black piece of wood. D300/105mm/Inon Strobes.
Stargazer! Snooted, head-on. D300/105mm/Snooted Inon Z240. Less than 10% crop for composition.
Merry Christmas!!! :D Photo is my brother, Cal, being himself.
Good enough to eat! D300/Inon Strobes/105mm.
Nudibranch. D300/105mm.
Stars in his eyes! Frog Fish on a night dive. D300/105mm.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A very tidy froggie - sharp, clean and sitting comfortably in the frame. Not a knock-out shot but one we'd all like in our portfolio
Juvenile Frog Fish.
Yellow Mantis Shrimp. D300/Inon Strobes/105mm.
Yellow Skeleton Shrimp. D300/Inon Strobes/105mm + diopter.
Flames smile D300/Inon Strobes/105mm
Shrimp on an urchin. Very shallow DOF. D300/Inon Strobes/105mm + Woody's Diopter.
171 Entries Found: Page 1  of  7