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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Carol Cox

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"Yum--send more divers!"
"Bad shark--no Scuby Snack for you!"
Goliath Grouper on the Empire Mica. This wreck is in north Florida near Port St. Joe. It was torpedoed by the German submarine U67 during WWII. You can read more about it at click here
Bond Wreck, Nassau, Bahamas (scanned slide)
Go Fetch! (slide original)
Splendid Toadfish, only found around the island of Cozumel, Mexico. I got this photo when I did a shore excursion from our cruise ship. Now I can check this rare beauty off my bucket list!
This grouper would not leave me alone. During the entire dive he stayed close by my face mask--cute, but it also kept me from taking a lot of photos on the dive.
Hermit Crab
Feather Star
Anemone, full of life
Wreck of the Umbria
This millipede sea star washed up while I was walking on the beach. To my amazement, it lifted itself up and tried to push it's way back to the sea. After taking a few photos, I waded it out into the water, despite the chilly 46F water temperature.
Robastra Ricei - This nudibranch was only recently identified and named.
Photo of my husband video-taping a huge Goliath Grouper. The monster was much larger than my husband.
The Oriskany, an aircraft carrier sunk as an artificial reef off of Pensacola, Florida.
Sailfish - I was visited by this sailfish when I was snorkeling 20 miles from shore to photograph a school of mahi that were swimming around the boat. This sailfish came speeding at me, trying to catch a mahi that had decided to use me for cover.
My husband taking photos in the Red Sea.
Spadefish at the Air Force Tower site off of Cape San Blas, in the northern Gulf of Mexico.
These jacks gave me an interesting viewpoint when they swam overhead.
Seaweed Blenny
Flabellina, Cable Wreck off of Dana Island, Bogsak, Turkey.
Anemone Fish
Loggerhead Turtle at the Wreck of the Vamar, Mexico Beach, FL
Cypress Springs, FL, USA
Conch Eyes
Ghost crab on the beach at Mexico Beach, Florida.
Soft coral in the Red Sea.
Pale Damselfish, Amblyglyphydodon indicus
67 Entries Found: Page 2  of  3