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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Geo Cloete

420 Entries Found: Page 6  of  16
~ Gaudi ~
~ Warp Speed ~
~ The Feast ~
~ Casual ~
~ Lady Bug ~
~ Sun Kissed ~
~ Y ~
Note the Y split at the top of one of the cerata of this nudibranch.
Over the years I have spotted three different nudibranch, different species as well, which had similar splits on their rhinophores.
~ Royalty ~
~ Reflection ~
~ Ghost Bear Hug ~
~ Uber Cuteness ~
This was the cutest thing I have seen in person for a while. It was a bady octopus in a white mussel shell. Every now and again it would open the shell with its tiny arms and peak out.
~ Feeling a Little Blue ~
~ What a Beautiful World ~
~ Jacuzzi Time ~
~ Desert Rose ~
~ Soft Embrace ~
~ A Little Warmth ~
~ Connecting the Dots ~
The Knysna Seahorse, the most threaten seahorse in the world. Protecting it from extinction is in my option as important as any other creature. Each creatures has a crucial roll they fulfill & deserve our respect & protect...
~ Desert Rose ~
~ Curly Sue ~
~ Scuba Daddy ~
~ I am Going to Get You ~
~ Blink and You Miss It! ~
~ Last Glowing Ember ~
~ Unicorn ~
~ Easy Meal ~
~ Grab It ~
420 Entries Found: Page 6  of  16