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Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Gulf of Venezuela

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Queen angelfish - juvenile (Holacanthus ciliaris) - Picture taken in Bonaire.
Lionfish (Pterois volitans) - Juvenile, Picture taken in Curaçao
Longlure frogfish (Antennarius multiocellatus) - Picture taken in Bonaire
Waiting for Christmas - Caribbean reef octopus (Octopus briareus) - Picture taken in Curaçao
Pedersen Shrimp on an orange encrusting sponge on the house reef at Captain Don's Habitat. I thought the contrast in colors was beautiful
Slender filefish trying to hide (was usual.)
Moray Eel off of Roatan Honduras
Wreck in Roatan Honduras
Arrow crab found on a night dive in Roatan Honduras shot with a canon in an ikelite housing with a video light
Roughhead Blenny in his home covered in fire coral
Flamingo Snail in Roatan Honduras taken with a Canon wide angle lens in ikelite housing with a video light.
Gimme Some Sugar
Sometimes a animal approaches and you have to take the image, regardless of the setup you have on (in this case, macro.)
This little one seemed hopeful that a meal would pass by.
The contrast between the Flamingo Tongue snail and the black sea rod attracted me, and the result is an almost luminous snail on the rod.
I was diving on Buddy'S Reef in Bonaire shooting with my Canon 5D MK II and Canon 1:28L IS ISM 100mm macro lens. This tiny Trunkfish was swimming around me, lips puckered as if ready to give me a kiss.
Green Turtle. It is very common to get close to sea turtles at the Salt Pier in Bonaire. At the end of almost each dive I can photograph a turtle, but lately are not seen very often and the sea bottom looks like a desert...something is changing?
Water ceiling. Facing a breaking Caribbean wave at sunset. For this shot I used a nikon d800 in an Aquatech Elite pro sport housing with a pistol grip, dedicated for surf photography.
Overunder image. A great Barracuda entered the frame while I was taking this overunder shot in Bonaire.
Overunder shot. Diver on a white sandy ocean floor.
Overunder shot. A green Iguana takes a breath after an underwater incursion in a semi-submerged cave on the island of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Green Iguanas are everywhere on the island, they are part of every house's garden and...pools...
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Wonderful over/under shot of an unusual creature. Great job with the lighting and colors above and below the surface
Overunder shot. A brown Caribbean Pelican is resting on its baits after a few strikes. Just once a year happens that a big ball of scads get close to the shores of Bonaire attracting many predators.
Taken during a trip in Curacao.
A Flamingo Tongue. Chichiriviche de La Costa, Venezuela.
Sony RX100 with a subsee +10 diopter.
Moon Jellyfish, Karpata Reef, Bonaire
Frog Fish with his Damsel bodyguard
Lion Fish - Bonaire
Whoze in there
335 Entries Found: Page 3  of  13

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