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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Mike Ellis

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Everyones invited. Little Bahamas Bank is hosting some of the best shark action in a long time. Great Hammerheads, Tiger sharks, Lemon Sharks and reefies..
A Blue Spot Tiger Shark doing a swim by. All Smiles !
Fuzzy nose Manatee,........Keeping warm during the winter months Manatees hang out at Three sisters springs in Kings Bay, Florida,
Her presents is Majestic.
Evan in Green water and a hook in her mouth she is still beautiful.
Lemon Sharks at Sunset on the Little Bahamas bank.
Reef sharks or as they are known with affection as "Ankle Biters"
cruse the waters of the Bahamas looking for hand-outs when we pull up to dive.
Up close and personal wit this Blue spotted Tiger shark.
A Tiger and Caribbean Reef shark come in for a close look at what we have in our lunch box.
4 of the best friends a man can have....Wild Atlantic spotted Dolphins on White Sand Ridge,Bahamas.
A large Loggerhead turtle swims by the dive boat looking for a safe place to spend the night. Little Bahama Bank, Bahamas
Feeding Lemon sharks keep all but the brave away from the dive ladder.
A baby Loggerhead turtle making his way into the world. Good luck little guy!!
The golden hour only last about 20 min. I grabbed this Tiger shark coming out of the sun on the Little Bahamas bank.
split dissection at Tiger Beach
Female Tiger shark Sun Burst...Nikon D70, 10.5mm f2.8
A small Pod Of Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Swims with freedivers on white sand ridge.
Freediver Swims with a Atlantic spotted dolphin on white sand ridge
"Jumper" A Yong spotted Atlantic Dolphin jumps as he rides the pressure wave on the bow.
"maverick" A lone Caribbean reef shark on patrol.
Little Bahamas Bank...
All good thins come in 3's.....Atlantic spotted dolphins looking to play. Little Bahama bank.
Sharks+Bait=great shots. Tiger beach ,Little Bahamas bank. Swimming at the surface with lots of bait and lots of Lemon sharks.
Thanks Scott,Gale and Travis for throwing bait on my head...
"A pair and a spare" is what i always say. Diving and capturing sharks without yes without a cage. Little Bahama Bank Tiger Beach. Lemon sharks
The "Sugar Wreck" on the "Little Bahama Bank" Bahamas is teaming with fish.
7 foot lemon shark at the surface, caught in the sun burst.
10.5 fish eye / Nikon D70s
A "Box-o-Bullets" on the Sankisan Maru in truk lagoon, F.S.M.
Deco Stop on the San Francisco maru, Truk Lagoon, F.S.M.
56 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3