Diving in Bonaire – Best Photos from Bonaire Dive Sites

Bonaire is the shore diving capital of the world, home to over 80 dive sites, most of them accessible from shore, and the rest are only a short boat ride away. Diving in Bonaire gives you the opportunity to encounter an incredible variety of marine life species, and underwater photographers from all over the world visit Bonaire, which offers the optimal conditions for taking underwater photos.

We’ve collected a few of the best photos taken by UnderwaterPhotography.com participants in Bonaire so you can get a good idea the marine life you might in encounter in one of the beautiful dive sites in Bonaire.

Here are some great photos taken while diving in Bonaire:

Banded coral shrimp of Bonaire | © Beate Seiler

Spotted Trunkfish (Lactophrys bicaudalis) – Picture taken in Bonaire | © Gary Carpenter

Green Razorfish at Something Special, Bonaire | © Tobias Reitmayr

“Underneath the Salt Pier of Bonaire, you can get lost in a trance watching schools of trevally circling from beam to beam, the obscure concrete structures penetrating through the waters surface” | © Nick Polanszky

Blenny close up in black, Diving in Klein Bonaire | © Alejandro Topete

Golden Tail Eel, Bonaire, No crop | © Patricia Sinclair

Slender filefish (Monocanthus tuckeri) – Picture taken at Oil-slick Leap, Diving in Bonaire | © Gary Carpenter

Bearded fireworm, Hermodice carunculata (Pallas, 1766), taken in Bonaire | © James Funk

Spinyhead blenny, Acanthemblemaria spinosa, Bonaire | © Aleksandr Marinicev

Tessellatted Blenny, Hypsoblennius invemar, Bonaire NA | © John Roach

I swear I didn’t eat any…. Spinyhead Blenny, Acanthemblemaria spinosa. Bonaire | © John Roach

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp (Periclimenes Yucatanicus), Diving in Bonaire | © Aleksandr Marinicev

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