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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Filip Staes

519 Entries Found: Page 18  of  20
Flabellina gracilis, Zeeland, the Netherlands.
Close encounter with a shrimp. Zeeland, the Netherlands.
Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging
Broadnose sevengill sharks passing eachother.
Hairy frogfish, Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi
Chromodoris kuniei, Bali.
Porcelain crab, Lembeh strait, Sulawesi.
"Freediving: A state of mind."
Mating Toads (Bufo bufo) with eggs. Turnhout, Belgium.
Samaranger lake, Tirol, Austia
Glassfish and Whipcoral in the current, Fiabacet, Raja Ampat
Peek a boo! Lembeh strait, Indonesia
Pilot whales,Pico, Azores.
Hippocampus bargibanti
"No swimming today!", False bay, South Africa.
Curious octopus, False bay, South Africa.
"Pink dream".
Woobegong shark surrounded bij Glassfish, Raja Ampat, West Papua.
Underneath the boat.
Ocellated Tozeuma (tozeuma lanceolatum)
"Fishermen", Oosterschelde, Zeeland, The Netherlands
"The saddle". Blue hole, Dahab, Egypt. No strobes, magic filter.
"Twins!" A couple of frond eolis or bushy backed nudibranch (Dendronotus frondosus), Oosterschelde, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Hiding pike, Haarlemmermeerse bos, The Netherlands.
Curious Cape fur seal, Patridge point,False bay, South Africa
Blue shark
Fiery nudibranch (Okenia amoenula)
519 Entries Found: Page 18  of  20