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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it. See some famous publications about winning photos.

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Filip Staes

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Ready to fly.
Thecacera picta, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Cleaning time!
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2017

Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging
Wreck of "de Zeehond", Grevelingen,Zeeland, The Netherlands
Early morning view over the Grevelingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Octopussy, Lembeh strait, Sulawesi.
Grote vlokslak (Aeolidia papillosa), Oosterschelde, Zeeland, The Netherlands
A diver explores the remains of a large steel and plywood construction. Puerta Galera, The Philippines.
Portret of a young cuttlefish. Oosterschelde, Zeeland, The Netherlands
A male Lumpsucker in mating time. Oosterschelde, Zeeland, The Netherlands. Nikon D7100 in Hugyfot housing. Tokina 10-17mm @ 13mm, f5,6, 1/125, ISO 400.
Black and white jorunna (Jorunna funebris)
"Angry!" Two-spotted goby.
A diver explores a deep reef covered with soft corals. The Canyons, Puerto Galera, The Philippines
sunset at Pulau pef, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
portret of a Blacktip grouper
Master of mimicry, Lembeh strait, Indonesia
Saddled toby, Bali, Indonesia
Velvet crab, Oosterschelde, The Netherlands.
Storm over a Waterlily, Turnhout, Belgium.
A crowded afternoon underneath Arborek Jetty.
View over the island and housereef of Pulau pef. Raja Ampat,Indonesia.
A deep red Dahlia anemone (Urticina felina) on the seabed of lake Grevelingen, Zeeland, The Neterlands
A Big-eye amphipod (Hyperia galba) is living inside a Common jellyfish (Aurelia aurita)
Silver Medal Silver Medal 2017

Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging
Portrait of a Mantis shrimp, Lembeh strait.
Exploring a cave at the Passage, Raja Ampat.
Giant Nudi!
Underneath the fishing net. Arborek, Raja Ampat.
519 Entries Found: Page 19  of  20