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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Andrew Falconer

13 Entries Found
The coldest clearest water that I have ever dived in, at the other "dive between the continents" in Iceland
At barracuda point on Sipadan there is an enormous school of Jackfish which are a sight to behold!
I found this turtle resting on a fishing basket, and came up close to him from below. He never moved. The photo looks a bit unreal but it isn't!
Taken at the Blue Hole, Belongas bay, Lombok, which was a really nice cave / swim through
Last photo from recent dive trip to the WW1 German wrecks. Viz and light not good but part of the atmosphere. All photos taken with my new Olympus toughTG2 which is a significant improvement on previous model, and is still small enough.
Another shot from recent dive trip to Scapa Flow on German WW1 wrecks. The torchlight highlights the gloomy green conditions prevalent.
Anchor and capstan from World War 1 German Cruiser scuttled at Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, Scotland in 1919. Yes I know the viz is not good but and photography difficult, but all the same interesting!
this shot of a wall of fish was taken at the Busselton jetty, which is a dive site close to where I live in Western Australia. I try to dive here once per year as it is a good easy dive and there are usually plenty of fish as this shot indicates!
This shot of two manta rays came at the end of a liveaboard dive trip in the Maldives. The pair seemed to be performing a courting ritual that went on for ages and were oblivious of me
This shot of a diver above me was taken in the clearest, coldest water I have ever dived in, at Silfra, Iceland. It is called "the dive between the continents" and is inland crack between American and European tectonic plates filled with glacial wate
I came across this scorpion fish while diving at Bunaken island. He / she was sitting on a plate coral looking like he wanted to be served up! But I decided against that and took this photo with my Olympus tough instead!
I saw this turtle, and was able to get close enough with my Olympus tough camera and take this shot of his head as he looked Up from eating a meal of a soft coral.
This photo of a sea urchin lit up with my flash and came out like like something I had never seen before so I thought I would submit it! It was taken in Lembeh strait, off Sulawesi, Indonesia.
13 Entries Found