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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Eda Çıngı

34 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2
the salp the juvenile jackfish the argonaut octopus
silky sharks F
thistlegorm shipwreck
Thistlegorm trunks
Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging
costasiella kuroshimae and costasiella usagi
nikon d7100 105 + SMC
Truck in the Thistlegorm shipwreck
Pikachu Pacifica . Thecacera sp feed on arborescent (tree-like) bryozoans.This bryozoan resemble little parasols.
Waiting for a friend
tiger in the garden
weedy scorpionfish (rhinopias frondosa)
surgeon fish (acanthurus sohal)
red sea coral reef animal life (magic filter and manuel white balance)
Giannis D 12/05/2016 , magic filter 14pm
a lunch in the Red Sea , with magic filter Nikon D7100 Tokina 17 mm + 1.4 kenko
can you look me in the eye and tell me
D7100 60mm +15 saga f11 1/200
Do you think gobbies have souls? D7100 105 mm f16 1/250
nature art
gabby baby filefish, romblon nikon d7100 105 mm +15 saga
sometimes we are so hungry that we have enormous dreams and we have a huge prey ( the big hunter Leptocheliidae male and the prey Amphipoda ) nikon d7100 1/3 crop factor and 105 mm and +15 saga diopter
And surely that ain't right .
one fish one wreck D7100 monochrome effect + PS color lookup futuristic effect
true beautiful eyebrow
can you see the hydrozoa it uses for camouflaged on its eyes and head...
Nikon D300 60 mm 1/250s f/5.6 ISO 200
'I am pygmy but I am not fragile' .
09/03/2015 romblon island nikon d7100 105mm + 15 saga
1/250s f/45.0 ISO100
three musketeers ; polychaete epitokes , hairy shrimp and the pelagic amphipod, Brachyscelus crusculum (has large eyes)
Sea hare potrait
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2015

Final RoundThrough to 2015 awards final round judging
34 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2