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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Simon Dyer

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Gaudy clown crabs are very cool,i love the hunt for them and when i find a baby i stack to a +15 diopter. Friendly little guy he was
This guy loved the camera he was not shy at all.i was on cumbers caves in little cayman over a year ago i had a fish eye on and a d300 behind it,little cayman is known for this type of behavior with the grouper there
This mantis shrimp was very friendly,he was not shy at all
Baby Flamingo tongue with his eyes on my shot with a Nikon d300 with a 105mm macro lens and a +15 diopter in a ikelite housing
Leech headshield slug shot with a +15 diopter 105mmVR lens on a d300 in inkelite housing and strobes (DS160) ON a shutter of 200 and f22 iso 400 at the kittiwake grand cayman
Shot was taken at sunset house sea-pool with a D300 nikon VR105mm in a Ikelite housing with two ds160 strobes Shutter-200 ISO-800 F-Stop -13 he was about a foot away from the waters edge i have never seen one there but the sea-pool is a great spot
This remora shot was taken with a d300 w/t 105mm vr macro lens
shot with a 105mm nikon ikelite housing with a 2 ys-d1 strobe set up shutter 200 F-stop 22
purple crown on the south side of grand cayman dive DNS
redlip blennie was on the south side of grand cayman there are so many its hard to time there moves but this guy held still for me nikon D50 with vr 105mm in an ikelite housing with two ysd1 strobes shutter 200 f-stop 22
taken on the kittiewake bow starboard anchor chain
little sea horse in 15ft water at maccabuca
This is a bowling pin that was shown to me i was with him for 20mins or so he moved an inch in that time he love the spot light
Swollen-claw Mantis he was very friendly i have the d50 with the 105mm on f stop was 22 shutter was 250 with ys-d1 strobe x2 in an ikelite housing.
was a drift dive from Bonnie's Arch to Light House
As the Eagle-ray looks for food it gave me the chance to get this shot it was at trinity caves come dive with us at DNS diving in grand cayman
Shot with a d300-10.5fisheye single ikelite strobe
friendly little guy he is all the time just looking for a friend and a feed
north wall roundabout 10.5 fisheye on a d300 no strobes
RedEyes can be seen on any night dive getting close to these guys is a fun challenge
CheeseBurger Reef White-Speckled Nudibranch Shot with nikon 105mm on a D50
As he Crosses the fire clam he went in almost lost his life but got out due to his pincers. Was taken on the kittiwake with a 10.5 fish eye d300 800 sola light
East End dive waiting for the boat to come pick us up
This is a little Red Cling Fish i found him on north wall dive out on the water with DNS DIVING check us out
just a eel cursing past
As a diver i hate it that fish can stay down and i have to come up for air this shot is "THE BOTTOM LINE" of DNS Diving and oh how i wish we all had gills.
Camera D300
Lens 10.5 Fixed Fisheye (Nikon)
housing Ikelite
strobes ds161 video (Ik...
diving grand caymans uss kittiwake the macro life DNS DIVING
It is at dusk you will fine two of these beautiful barred hamlets doing there courtship of love
courtship of the hamlets is amazing i must say myself
50 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2