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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

2919 Entries Found: Page 7  of  109
A False Plum Sea anemone is a decptive beauty with a nasty sting
Denuded Gas flame nudibranch. The lack of of densely covered cerata is unknown to me.
Playful Cape Fur Seal but he also shows his teeth as a warning
Gannet coming in for landing at Bird Island Nature reserve at Lambert's bay
Twobar clown fishes protect their anemone home fiercely.
The Brainy Coral
The pattern of the coral resembles the convolutions of a human brain
Common dolphins smashing a baitball on the Sardine Run.
Long legged spider crab. It is one of two spider crabs endemic to South African waters
The chameleon of the Sea
Its real name is “Beautiful Cuttlefish” and it is appropriate due to its beautiful warty mantle and three-pronged cirri around its eyes. It has the ability to change color and blend in with its environment.
We know about you....
Glorious Frilled Nudibranch
Finger Lickin' Good. False Plum Anemone stretching out its tentacles after a good meal
Surrounded by sharks
Shining Light. Colorful Gas flame Nudibranch
The Curtain. Filigreed coral- worms with their delicate white tube and their red feathery feeding branches
The Gate keepers. Sandy anemones occur also in gullies and collect passing food with their sticky tentactles. Sand also sticks to its tentacles therefore the name sandy anemones
Spiral of Life. The fan of the Red fan-worm demonstrated the Fibonacci sequence.
Blue Shark off Cape Point, South Africa
Tiger Shark with remora buddies.
Blue shark in the deep, off Cape Point, South Africa.
What a great sight today captured a Mother Humpback Whale with her mouth open and her Calf leaning against the top of her open mouth
Shall we look for a new home?
Shark anatomy
Stop killing sharks
Our restless mind
We try to think positively to experience harmony (black and white, right). But our mind is roaming and peace of mind (the colored meadow, left) is constantly disturbed by doubts and fears (shark)
A Raggie gathering at Cathedral
2919 Entries Found: Page 7  of  109

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