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Flabellina affinis

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Tasman Sea

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Tangerino-Tino... our new net keeper, Mosman's people can sleep well with such monster guarding the shore...
Tip Top ... ! HMSNZ Canterbury, New Zealand. Canon G10-iso400-f2.8-1/25
this guy was getting angry at me and every time I was raising my camera it was raising its tentacles...maybe thought I was a competitor??
Beautiful white striped anemones.
The bluebottle cnidaria is an amazingly beautiful colony of creatures. I wanted to demonstrate this with careful lighting.
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2014
3rd place Monthly HotShots
Final RoundThrough to 2014 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Very impressive lighting.
Big face...
'The flame'
Very little I ad to add the +10 on the top of my 105 micro
Blue Moon ... Moon Jellyfish - Aurelia aurita. Poor Knights, New Zealand. G10-iso100-f4-1/100
"Feeling blue"
Crimson red Waratah Anemones at low tide in a rock pool during a misty halo sunrise, lit with snooted strobes. The bird in the sun halo was more luck than judgement!!
Final RoundThrough to 2014 awards final round judging
An over/under of a bluebottle (physalia physalis) I love how the pneumatophore (air bladder) of this bluebottle caught the light from my underwater strobe and lit up like a fluorescent tube!! Amazing!
Winner Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
Final RoundThrough to 2014 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
This is a clear winner, due to the perfect balanced lighting used here, matching the scene and the subject in every aspect. Stunning shot!
Shot at North rock (Nelson bay, NSW)
"Abducted"... the water was cold and full of seals and sea-birds excrement but was fun!!
millions of juvenile fishes. vis was good but swamped by clouds of little juvenile swimming thru the pylons
the months are passing by.. but this guys is always there :-)
my strobe malfunctioned at 20m... so I had to improvise...
diving with seals is always great!!!
6+m of vis at Clifton Gardens are rare...
playing with shallow DOF with a friendly dragonet
cute little mimicking file-fish
the debut of Violet-tino on the contest :-)
"waiting" and old Italian proverb says: "the patience is the virtue of the strong ones"... if this in true I would not like to have a frog-fish as enemy, I went diving 2 times in 2 different days and I found them exactly in the same position
a yellow one. what a surprise at Clifton, and pretty well camouflage
Ragged tooth sand tiger shark (one of many) at Nelson Bay
enjoying the winter sun...
"waxy" the skin of those sea-horses is like wax
817 Entries Found: Page 9  of  31

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