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by Jeffrey Lim

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Sulu and Sulawesi Seas

3183 Entries Found: Page 6  of  118
Tiger . Lembeh strait . Nikon D800E with 105 macro and snooze
Hymenocera picta on red sea star , double exposition.
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , snoot Retra with Inon Z240
The King.
Lembeh strait . Nikon D800E ,105 macro , snoot +Inon Z240
Double exposure
Just a Little Fish/Sweetlips(Juvenile)//Lembeh strait,Indonesia /Canon 5D MarkIV, 100mm macro Lens,NauticamSmc
RAZOR Internal Flash
YOS Lembeh
The mask. Nikon D800e , 105 macro , double exposure ,snoot with INon Z240
YOS Lembeh
YOS Lembeh
Little Red/Goby?/Raja Ampat, Indonesia/Canon 5D MarkIII, 100mm macro Lens,Nauticam SMC,Sea&Sea housing,Inon Z240*2, F11,1/125,ISO100
Harlequin Sweetlips(Juvenile)//Lembeh strait,Indonesia
TREMORS - Eunice aphroditois
YOS Lembeh
Sagaminopteron Psychedelicum
Shining in the dark/Bobtail Squid//Lembeh, Indonesia/Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 100 macro F/2.8L , Sea&Sea housing, A.T.G+10,Inon Z240*2, Solo1200*1.
Pygmi sea horses . Nikon D800E , 105 macro .
Two strobo sea and sea 120 Ys
Ghostpipe fish , double exposition .
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , snoot+ Inon z240
Jellyfish/Wakatobi,Indonesia, Canon 5D MarkIII, 100mm macro Lens,,Sea&Sea housing,Inon Z240*2, F13,1/160,ISO200
The Little Red/Hairy Goby/Lembeh strait,Indonesia, Canon 5D MarkIV, 100mm Lens,NauticamSmc,Sea&Sea housing,Inon Z240*2, F16,1/160,ISO100
Reefscapes/Lembeh strait, Indonesia, Canon 5D MarkIII, 8-15mm fisheye lens,Sea&Sea housing,Inon Z240*2, F16,1/160,ISO320
Sapsucking Slugs-Elysia sp.2/Lembeh strait,Indonesia, Canon 5D MarkIII, 100mm Lens,NauticamSmc,Sea&Sea housing,Inon Z240*2, F18,1/160,ISO125
Yos Lembeh
Rayed Shrimpgoby/Lembeh strait,Indonesia, Canon 5D MarkIII, 100mm Lens,F.T.T+5,,Sea&Sea housing,Inon Z240*2, F13,1/200,ISO160
Porcelain crab.
Lembeh stgrait.
Nikon D800E ,105 macro with snoot and double exposure
BOTTOMLIGHT, Costasiella sp., YOS Lembeh
Bigblue torch, Lens Noodilab Shamu

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Love the angle of the light in this shot! Like a gem!
Just a smile/Blenny/Raja Ampat, Indonesia/Canon 5D MarkIII, 100mm macro Lens,Nauticam SMC,Sea&Sea housing,Inon Z240*2, F25,1/100,ISO160
3183 Entries Found: Page 6  of  118

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