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by Sofia Tenggrono

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

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~ Rock Steady ~
~ Into the light ~
Taken on Photographers reef in False Bay, Cape Town. Canon 7DMII, Nauticam, Snoot
~ All Roads Leads to Rome ~
Silvertip Nudibranch with eggs feeding on hydroids, with a tiny marginella and amphipod hitching a ride feeding on its eggs.
Marginella, Blousteen dive Site, Gordon's Bay - South Africa. Canon 7dmkii, Canon 60mm macro lense, 2 x Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes.
Hotlips Spider Crab on Sinuous Sea Fan. Canon 7dmkii, Canon 60mm macro lense, 2 x YS D1 Strobes
~ Swimming Up the One Way ~
One of the anchors at Whittle Rock. Its believed that it belonged to the East Indiaman ship the Euphrates, which struck the pinnacle in 1810. On record its the only ship to have sunk at Whittle Rock.
"Gin & Tonic"
Thought I would pop this one on quickly, that based on the preferred poison for this afternoon wink
~ Silky Smooth ~
The lovely Blue Shark looking beautiful as ever.

~ Living Colour ~
A vibrant gasflame nudibranch at Noble Reef, Gordon's Bay. Canon 7dmkii, 60mm macro lense with +7 dioptre, 2 x Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes
Basket Star
A huge basket star rests on a sinuous sea fan at Drop Zone Dive Site in Gordon's Bay. Canon 7dmkii, Canon 60mm lense,
Blue Shark, photographed off Cape Point, South Africa. Canon 7dmkii, Tokina 10 - 17mm fisheye behind compact dome port. 2 x Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes
Close up shot of a pipefish with my new inon macro lenses. Not an easy shot to get as they move around quite a bit.
~ Navigating the Maze ~
~ Snuggle Up ~
~ Silver Tip ~
~ Personalities ~
Trumpetfish posing for the camera on 2 mile reef, Sodwana
Tiny Smoothskin Scorpion Fish, Ark Rock, Simon's Town South Africa. The first I've ever seen in 16 years of diving! Not often seen. Canon 7dmkii, 60mm macro lense, Retra LSD snoot
Spotted Anemone, Ark Rock, Simon's Town, South Africa. Canon 7dmkii, Canon 60mm macro lense, Retra LSD
Gasflame nudibranch, photographed at Noble Reef, Gordon's Bay, South Africa. Canon 7dmkii, Canon 60mm macro lense, Dual Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes.
Three friends
~ Back to The Future ~
~ Technicolored Coat ~
~ Turbulent Waters ~
Yawning paperfish on Stringer Reef, Sodwana Bay, South Africa. This shot won me 3rd place in the Intermediate Category of the Durban Undersea Club Shootout.
2900 Entries Found: Page 39  of  108

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