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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (South America coastal)

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Wreck of Taurus - Recife/PE/Brazil
My first encounter with a sea horse. Down to 600 lbs. of air when spotted. No time for playing with exposure or composition, but I got off some shots.
Will face ... Beach Southeast in Fernando de Noronha.
Tiger Beach 1/2011 Optical Illusion or not? There are 2 lemon shark behind the tiger, swimming parallel to each other.
Beatiful purple sea amemone
Eye of octopus.
Ruddy Turnstone, french guiana
Smile, you are diving!
Take a picture...
Texture and look...
european Ariane rocket blasts off in French Guiana. from the ocean 21 september 2011 launch)
FIRST EVER UW picture of french Guiana, taken under devil island (island of the french penal colony)
not an artistic interest, but an undeniable scientific one
Ilha do Papagaio, Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro. Nikon D90
hawksbill turtle gliding.
Queen Angelfish. Nikon D90; 60mm AF-S ED, strobes YS-120.
Inside the school of fish
Ambris Caye sunrise
Saveiros wrecks in Recife-PE.
Polka Dot Batfish displaying it's lure completely
Diver and the wreck. Nikon D90, Tokina 10-17mm Lens and two YS-120 strobes.
Vapor de Baixo wreck in Brazil

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
is that a red filter on the strobe I see?
Good things come to those who wait! Opening wide! A frogfish inside an Azure Vase Sponge feeding.
Along Portugal coast
Diver and the wreck. Nikon D90, Tokina 10-17mm Lens and two YS-120 strobes.
Jangada fishermen head out at dawn from a beach south of Recife where I have logged many dives.
Diver and the wreck. Nikon D90, Tokina 10-17mm Lens and two YS-120 strobes.
202 Entries Found: Page 4  of  8

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