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by Jeffrey Lim

Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

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Commander Of The USS Kittiwake!
Green Sea Turtle eating sea grass
School children peer out the windows of a glass-bottom boat as Bermuda chub swim past. The kids were so excited to see us diving and waving to them!
Catching the sailfin blenny in action
"Like a Hawk"
No wonder we call them Hawksbill Turtles. Just before I took this image the Turtle was sprawled out over a sponge digging his sharp beak into it. Soon he used his front two fins to push himself upward while letting his beak tear off...
Brunch Time -2016
Nikon D300
We've seen more and more curious moray eels as we dive Grand Cayman - likely seeking an easy meal of a lionfish from a diver. This guy swam around us checking us out and then settled into a small swim-thru to watch us as we finished our dive.
A stingray glides over sand in shallow water. Stingray Sandbar, Grand Cayman
shot with a 105mm nikon ikelite housing with a 2 ys-d1 strobe set up shutter 200 F-stop 22
One of the beautiful wild turtles that live inside the barrier reef at Spotts Beach!
"Layers" - A sharknose goby draws the eye into the corner of this underwater abstract of a brightly-colored sponge and hard corals. I sought to make a strong graphic image, the angles and black negative space as important as the layers and colors.
Grays by can be quite interesting to photograph,especially when they let you get close with the macro lens.
Underwater Happy Hour! It's easy to over look aglae, but when you get up close and personal it can be quite beautiful.
Sharks are the bomb diggity! A reef shark glides over a colorful reef on the east side of Grand Cayman
Pinecone algae shot with a single strobe positioned directly overhead to simulate the effect of a tree being light by the midday sun and create its shadow on the 'ground' below.
Tarpon - Devil's Grotto
purple crown on the south side of grand cayman dive DNS
redlip blennie was on the south side of grand cayman there are so many its hard to time there moves but this guy held still for me nikon D50 with vr 105mm in an ikelite housing with two ysd1 strobes shutter 200 f-stop 22
A baby nurse shark tucked inside a colorful overhang. This little cutie was only about a foot long! It was so inspiring to see this early stage of life on the reef.
I noticed this school of Creole Wrasse hanging around a coral head, so went over to investigate. They were all trying to get the attention of the little purple and yellow Royal Gramma. The wrasse kept jostling for position trying to get the Royal Gra
Fluorescing secretary blenny!
I used a very shallow depth of field, enabling me to focus solely on the blenny and let the coral blur out of focus. To capture the fluorescence I used Nightsea filters.
"Psychedelic Golden Tail"
I had fluorescence filters on my strobes. The eel didn't fluoresce, so I took off the bluish-purple fluoro filters. As I was composing this shot, one of the filters swung in front of a strobe, giving this psychedelic light.
Fluorescence! A goby glows brightly on brain coral. I shot this using Nightsea filters: the fluorescence is excited by the blue light emitted through my strobes and then recorded through the Nightsea filter over my macro port.
taken on the kittiewake bow starboard anchor chain
A transitioning French Angelfish races across a coral reef. I photographed this scene with a slow-shutter speed while panning. This enabled me to show the speed while freezing the fish in action.
"Air Space"
A Spotted Eagle Ray soars over head under the sun rays.
3146 Entries Found: Page 20  of  117

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