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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Fiji

599 Entries Found: Page 4  of  23
Soft Coral with diver .....
Tomato clown fish.
Skunk Clown and Anemone
Whip Coral Goby - Watch me whip...
Tiger shark coming in for a closer look.
Soft Coral and Tomato clown fish in Fiji
This little guy peaking out of the coral
Tomato Clown fish being shy.
Bubble Coral w/ tiny shrimp....
Shark Dive...Beqa Lagoon
King of the hill
A colorful soft coral reef scene in Fiji.
Blue Christmas tree worm ..... up close
The next generation-anenome fish with eggs
Silvertip shark overhead at a depth of 18m. One of my first photos that I have been happy with.
Jellyfish at surface
Silvertip sharks of Fiji / Fiji is home to a diverse shark population. We were lucky to observe nine species during one day of diving. Pictured here are the nimble and quick silvertip sharks, so named for the silver edges on their fin tips.
Lemon shark and lemon pilot fish/ A pregnant lemon shark surrounded by colorful yellow pilot fish cruises around during a shark dive in Fiji
Eye to Eye
Morrison’s dragonet, mating pair Fiji. Synchiropus morrisoni. There were three individuals, two females and the one male found on the sand/gravel at the base of a bommie.
Clown fish in his pinnacle home
Curious white tip! Nikon D7100 Nauticam housing Tokina 10-17mm @10mm
Trying to hide
"Blacktips on Shark Reef"
Having a break from shark diving (only for a day). Image shows spectacular plate coral around the dive sites at Beqa Lagoon Resort, Fiji. Photographed in the clear water at 1metre (3 foot)using Nikonos V (20mm wide lens)Kodak Slide film (superb film)
"Zig Zag" The large bulls of Fiji doing some synchronised swimming wink
Fiji - Beqa Lagoon
599 Entries Found: Page 4  of  23

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