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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Jamie Coote

25 Entries Found
Feed time.
Taken at Oslob, Cebu.
Where the local fishermen feed the Whale Sharks by hand.
white Anenome taken at Sharp Island Sai Kung.
Lizard fish with its bounty. Sai Kung, Hong Kong.
Wary Spine Cheek. Taken at Tullumben Bali by the USS Liberty.
My Giant.
Giant Australian Cuttlefish.
Taken at Tumby Bay jetty SA.
"Symmetry of a Lion"
Taken at Bali.
"Ascidian Glow"
Growing on a jetty pylon at Tumby Bay SA.
Clowns of Sai Kung.
"Sai Kung wonders"
A Small clown fish doing its thing.
Who said Hong Kong has nothing to see but old fridges?
"Moving on"
A Short Headed Sea Horse moving between reeds.
"Searching the sands"
Leafy sea dragon found cruising inside the "Blueline" upon the shore sands.
2.5m of water.
"For the love of Leafys"
Leafy Sea Dragon at Tumby Bay jetty SA.
Seal eating his prise catch of a Wobbygong shark.
Shaw it's a Cow?
A "Shaws cow fish" moving in for a closer look.
Taken at Tumby Bay SA.
"Golden Leaf"
taken at Tumby Bay Jetty SA
"The Beauty in our Bay"
Leafy Sea Dragon profile at Tumby Bay jetty.SA
"X marks the spot"
A large jellyfish at Tumby Bay SA.
"Watching Spot"
Facial closeup of a Leafy Sea Dragon.
A lcoal Leafy at Tumby Bay I have named due to his individual "spot" on his crown.
"Home sweet home"
Common Octopus at home in a beer bottle.
"Home on the Reeds"
A large Leafy Sea Dragon ao Tumby Bay jetty South Australia.
" Jetty life"
A Leafy Sea Dragon just cruising around its habitat.
"Nice Nudi"
Orange Nudibranch
"Cray Days"
A Southern Rock Lobster sitting at the front of its hideaway.
"Fatherly Duties"
A male Leafy Sea Dragon laden with eggs.
The males carry the eggs to hatching.
At Tumby Bay. South Australia.
" The King and I "
A Short-Head Seahorse at Tumby Bay jetty. SA
25 Entries Found