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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Mozambique Channel

504 Entries Found: Page 5  of  19
"Underwater Butterfly"
I guess it is in an simple image that we sometimes......sit on the sand and wonder........
I was lucky enough to capture a juvenile devil fire fish and a juvenile scorpion fish on one image! I can tell you it was not easy!
My Purple Bed.
Clown fish in its anemone home
Gasflame Nudibranch shot with snoot torch and reverse ring macro
Not so silvertip
silvertip nudibranch bathed in coloured lights
Fireworks Urchin
Snoot lighting with coloured gels.
The Hawk
The longnose hawkfish derives it name from its ability to perch motionless at an outlook waiting for its prey
Soft coral magic
The Hunter and the Hunted
~ Racing Extinction ~
The Tenants- Two Bar Clownfishes
The Porcelain Crab derives its name from shedding a limb when attacked by a predator
~ Racing Extinction ~
From my observations, it's often the most curious sharks which carry the worst battle scars. Not battles among their fellow sharks, but those sustained by humans. This fierce looking face is the result of an broken jaw.
~ The Grin ~
Giant Sea Clam- the legend is not true that it will drown divers
Through the "eye" of a giant sea clam
The Cleaning Station. Durban dancers(also known as camel shrimps) doing a manicure
~ The Hawk ~
~ Joyful ~
~ Living Dangerously ~
~ Minning ~
The Devil firefish. its scientific name Pterois miles means winged soldier and it is true to its name
Silvertip Nudibranch shot with RRM and blue torch.
Compass jelly fish acts as a thermometer and is an indicator how healthy the ocean is(Chrysaora hysoscella)
Red Fanworm with one its 2 colorful spirals (Protula bispiralis)
This is a fish watching me. He posed very shyly for the pic
~ Head Lights ~
504 Entries Found: Page 5  of  19

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