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Week 21 winner

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by Marchione Giacomo

The blue eyes . Yellow goby in the tunnel

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Indian Ocean

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This is one of my favorite photographs I've taken underwater. This painted lobster caught my eye. The whole scene was just perfect. The natural frame from the fan corals just makes everything pop! (ps. check out his afro) :P
Lionfish Sunburst
This green turtle found a very comfortable black coral bush.
Alimatha island . The pier
Nurse Shark
Nikon D800E , 16mm , two strobo
Zebra and leopard pattern in an oriental sweetlip
Beautiful young green turtle
Porcelain crab pregnant
Early morning dive. Two small creatures appeared on fron of me as aliens. This is how I felt - first meeting with UFO :-)
Nurse Sark . alimatha
Nikon d800e , 16mm , two strobo
Rockcod Just Watching us pass by.
Portrait nurse shark.
Alimatha . maldives
Motion blur in the Maldives.
the trio is back again
Nurseshark line up
Reefscape and best Buddy ;-)
Stingray flight
While the hardcore in the shallows got hit badly by the 2016 bleaching, the soft corals are as beautiful as ever on the deeper reefs
AntHias playing under the ray of lights and the Sun illuminating the background.
Star with a perfect match with the sweetlips. The composition made by the nature.
Honeycomb moray eel
Most shallow hard corals have unfortunately suffered bleaching in Maldives. But once you descend a few meters the soft corals are super nice and coral cover gets much better.
long exposure, rear curtain flash gets a bit of movement into this school.
Bigeye jack at sunset
Coin De Mire 8 metres.Natural light /Mauritius
As usually, this curious bat fish come to see what we do. We just waited to see the hammerhead shark, whick finally come almost at the end of the dive.
Jackfish with dappled light before sunset
6556 Entries Found: Page 10  of  243

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