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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Cinzia Bismarck

101 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4
Tiny common ghostgoby on a whip coral@Thomas Reef-Straight of Tiran-Sharm El Sheik- Egypt
Pleurosicya mossamica
A female Lyretail anthias inside the mouth of Trumpet fish@Jackson Reef - Straight of Tiran -Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
Pseudanthias squamipinnis - Fistularia commersonii
A steering wheel of Bedford truck@Thislegorm wreck - Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt
Wreck of Maria Schroeder B/W
Nabq area Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
Giant morey @Ras Katy- Sharm El Sheikh- Egypt
Gymnothorax javanicus
Taken by Ricoh caplio gx100 Sea&Sea ys-02 strobe
Bottlenose dolphin@Marsa Bareika Ras Mohammed National Park Sharm El Sheikh
Tursiops aduncus
Natural light no strobe
Taken by Ricoh caplio gx 100
Warty frogfish
Antennarius maculatus
School of barracuda
Sphyraena barracuda
Got it!
Octopus #2
Octopus cyaenus
I'm starting to camouflage
Octopus n#1
Octopus cyaneus
The exit
Cave silhouette
Followin' the big school
Sphyraena Sphyraena
Followin' the school!
Natural light
Twinspot snappers (Lutjanus bohar)
Salad mix!
Natural light no strobe
Lyretail anthias(Pseudanthias squamipinnis)& Leafy cup coral (Turbinaria reniformis)
Horns up
Red Sea nembrotha
Nembrotha megalocera
Longnose Hawkfish
Oxycirrhites typus
Flying in the blue
Aetobatus narinari
Miki&Platax teira
Adam and the blue spotted stingray
Taeniura lymma
Blue eye
Durban dancing shimp
Rhynchocinetes durbanensis
Hawksbill and the rays of sun
Eretmochelys imbricata
Selfie with sun and damn fogged mask
Funny selfie with octopus smile
Arton on Bsa motorcycle of Thistlegorm wreck
My dream comes true
Leopard shark - Stegostoma fasciatum
Natural light no strobe
Kathrin&Stefan & the container of Yolanda Reef
Me, my self & I!
Selfie @ Propeller of Dunraven wreck
101 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4