November 2017 – UW Photo Contest Winners

A monthly hotshot is an entry that was shortlisted by 2 or more judges. The monthly winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd and Runner Ups) are chosen from this short list by our editor (no medals, just your name in the lights for a month!). They are chosen according to the number of judges votes with some reference to the peoples votes and the editor’s choice. It is no coincidence that many of the Hotshots end up in the annual awards!
To get a chance to feature your photo in next month’s winners, enter your best underwater photo here.

The monthly winners for November have been announced. Thank you all for entering and Congratulations to the winners and runners up!

Check out November’s well deserved winners:

1st Place:

Fire gobies.

Editor’s Comment:

Great capture of this shy couple. Perfect focus and colors

In Category: Macro – swimming | Taken in: Philippines

Mehmet Salih Bilal
I am recently using Nikon D800 and D7200. I am cardiovascular surgeon in Istanbul. I prefer to be underwater instead of topside. My favorite places are macro destinations in golden triangle.
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2nd Place:


Editor’s Comment:

Creative lion fish photo. Love the composition and colors

In Category: Creative – Manipulated (Photoshopped) | Taken in: Indonesia

Manbd Uidive
I like to learn and share knowledge about underwater photography. I love to shoot macro with my compact Camera Canon G10 and Olympus TG4. Rgds, ManBd for Kuala Lumpur
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3rd Place:

“Sunrise Manatee”

A manatee is bathed in sun rays in the Crystal River. Photographed at first light.

Editor’s Comment:

Beautiful composition and lighting

In Category: Freshwater | Taken in: United States

Susannah H. Snowden-Smith
Hi, I’m Susannah H. Snowden-Smith. I’m an underwater photographer who specializes in underwater fine art & underwater archaeology photography. I’ve been shooting underwater for over eight years and my work has taken me around the world. Recently I was underwater in Sri Lanka photographing the excavation of the oldest-known shipwreck in the Indian Ocean, circa 2nd-Century BC, with the Institute Of Nautical Archaeology. My home base between assignments is Grand Cayman.
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Runner Up:


Editor’s Comment:

Wonderful nudi shot and awesome work done on the picture

In Category: Creative – Manipulated (Photoshopped) | Taken in: Philippines

Ipah Uid
G15 canon powershot, Canon housing,
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Runner Up:

Water is the sky

Editor’s Comment:

Awesome capture of the light rays and great composition

In Category: Wide Angle – Close Focus | Taken in: Indonesia

Macro Wu
I am form china , I diving ten years old. I like take photography for ocean.
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Runner Up:

Bignose seagrass shrimp/Anilao,Philippine/Canon 5D MarkIV, 100mm macro Lens,NauticamSmc

Editor’s Comment:

Amazing shot of a very special small critter

In Category: Macro – Super macro | Taken in: Philippines

Yuping Chen
I started diving in 2009, and was so attracted by the magnificent and colorful underwater world.In the autumn of 2012, some underwater photographer friends encouraged me to take UW photographing seriously. I bought a new camera — Panasonic GX1…Then in the spring of 2014, got my first DSLR camera, Canon 5D markIII. I love to capture the beauty of marine creatures and share my images to others, let more and more people fall in love with the ocean, promote the idea of marine conservation.
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