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by Jeffrey Lim

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Taiwan

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Underwater Fashion
Chromodoris quadricolor at Green Island, Taiwan.
Pink Anemonefish at Green Island evening light.
Where is the tomato?
Anemone rock at Green Island is loaded with Tomato anemone fish.
Old Rock 'n' Roll star
I've done several dives at anemone rock at Shihlang dive area at Green Island (Lüdao), Taiwan. This guy (Tomato Anemone fish) clearly has seen some life and reminded me of a rock star. I met him several times during few wee...
Banded sea krait lit by one snooted flash. Orchid Island, Taiwan.
underwater fashion
The small clown fish with his soft and comfortable sofa. This photo was taken with my Canon G15 in Kenting, Taiwan.
Underwater War Game
Cyerce nigricans
Dive into deep blue sea.
Green Island,Taiwan.
Tube-worm Blenny
Cardinalfish with eggs.
Harlequin Shrimp & Sea Star.
Boat wreck,Orchid Island(Lanyu),Taiwan.
Black and gold Sapsucking Slug(Cyerce nigricans).
Solar-powered Phyllodesmium.
[Nemo with White]
Harlequin Crab by snoot.
Black and gold Sapsucking Slug(Cyerce nigricans)
Nudi by snoot.
Yellow-banded Pipefish.
Dragon Shrimp on the Whip Coral.
Nudi & Emperor Shrimp.Nikon D80,105mmVR.
Goby.Nikon D80,105mmVR.
I'm cute.Nikon D800,105mmVR.
Dragon Shrimp.
Nikon D80,105mmVR,Anthis housing,f18,1/160,YS-120.
693 Entries Found: Page 9  of  26

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