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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Richard Toward

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Small Anenomie, taken with Canon A570is and DS-150 Strobe Light.
Wee anenomie, taken with Canon A570is and Epoque Strobe
Lobster, taken on Canon A570is with Epoque Strobe.
Flatfish taken at St Abbs Scotland, with Canon A570is and Strobe light
Small Eel rearing its head as I swam by.
Nice little nudibranchia. Taken with Cannon A570is.
Taken with Canon A570is
Ballan wrasse, as close as I could get!
Barber Pole Shrimp
Ballan Wrasse off St Abbs Head Scotland
Jelly Fish in open Water with Gulliemot diving in the background
Female Lumpsucker off St Abbs Head
Swimming Stingray
Blue Tang - Just caught the wee guy as he swam past
Taken off St Abbs Scotland with Canon a570is and Epoque ds 150 strobe
Taken with Canon A570is and Epoque 150 DS Strobe off St Abbs Scotland.
Lobster taken off Eyemouth, Scotland with canon a570is and epoque ds 150 strobe.
A pair of wolf fish taken of St Abbs Marine Reserve Scotland. Used a Canon A570is and epoque 150 ds Strobe.
Wrasse taken with Canon A570is and Epoque 150 ds strobe, Off St Abbs
Taken off Eyemouth at Ness Ends Gullies. Using a Canon A570is and Es-150 Strobe
Taken with Canon A570is with Epoque es-150 ds strobe.
Taken off St Abbs Head Scotland with Canon A570is and Epoque es-150 ds strobe.
Hermit Crab, Green Ends Gully, Eyemouth. Taken with Canon A570is
Taken with Canon A570is. Ness Ends Gully off Eyemouth, Scotland
Taken with Canon A570is
Barbor Pole Shrimp, taken with Canon A570is.
Squat Lobster taken off St Abbs Head with a Canon A570is
39 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2