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by Jeffrey Lim

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Magali Marquez (2nd place)
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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Suzan Meldonian

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A little pygmy squid with 2 littler friends playing tag
Exploring the mangroves of Raja Ampat
Life under the Sawandarek Jetty
Larval fireworm
Golden-lined spinefoot, The golden-lined spinefoot is a species of rabbitfish. Like all rabbitfishes, it has venomous spines on the dorsal,
Dendronephthya soft corals adorn the mangrove roots somewhere in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
A Batfish rising to the occasion of sunlight
A Batfish rising to the occasion of sunlight
Common Goby close up
Common Goby glose up
Peacock mantis with eggs
Anna's Chromodoris-butt shot
Teardrop crab tidying up his eggs
Cyerce sp
Moorish Idol
American crocodile
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2018

Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
The largest mammal ever to live on earth. The Blue Whale
Sharknado- what can I say, except that I used up all my adrenaline on this one dive.
Capturing an over under is difficult with a heavy housed camera, so I balanced the housing on my head to get this shot. Call me crazy. It was only way to do it.
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Splits shots are difficult! Great job capturing the moment here.
American Alligator in a pond in south FLorida.
A Zancleopsis jellyfish, photographed on a Black water dive, here in Florida out over 500' depth, in the Gulf Stream current
A Callianira -type of comb jellyfish, smaller than a thimble, photographed on a black water dive over 500 ' depth in the Gulf Stream Current.
This is one of the few shots in existence of this larval form of a Tripod fish. It is a creature from the deep, originally found at 15,000 feet in the Marianas Trench. Discovered while on a Black water dive over a depth of 600 feet in the Gulf Stream
Gold Medal Gold Medal 2017
Winner Monthly HotShots
Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Incredible shot of a very rare sighting. Just wonderful.
Red lined jorunna
Fighting tiger
Here's looking at you !
Bwnnnaaaaaaah !
Taken with 105mm lens
428 Entries Found: Page 1  of  16