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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Indonesia

18736 Entries Found: Page 1  of  694
Lost in the labyrinth of my mind
Trinchesia sp. (possibly)
Ladybug (Amphipod)
Taken during a blackwater dive.
Symbioses, living together.
Boxer crab carrying eggs
Picture taken during a black water dive. Very small creatures swimm around you and this 'jellyfish' was one of them. Very hard to focus with the camera.
Goby with eggs
We were finishing up a dive when our dive guide was pointing at a couple of juvenile flying fish. He held his hand up and one stopped at his hand and I was lucky to snap this photo. Nikon D850 / 60mm lens / z330 INON strobes.
Fighting murenes in Amed, Bali.
Achaeus spinosus
Manta Point
Thecacera pacifica
Wide angle with model shot taken on the Liberty wreck in Tulambenm, Bali. Parts of the wreck are full of corals and really colorful.
One of the favorite subjects of a lot of photographers. Always nice to encounter. This nice murene.
Eubranchus sp.
The Liberty wreck on Bali, one of the most famous wrecks in the world. Easy to access from shore. Very colorfull.
Sueviota bryozophila
Tiger shrimp
Hypseledoris infucata.
Light games.
Stiliger sp.
The wolf.
Harlequin shrimp.
Rhinopias frondosa.
Tiger shrimp with snoot.
18736 Entries Found: Page 1  of  694

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