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by Jose Maria Abad Ortega

Peacock Mantis Shrimp Odontodactylus scyllarus

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by Raffaele Livornese

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Gulf Of Mexico

1283 Entries Found: Page 42  of  48
Photo of C-58 wreck in Cozumel
Silversides on the sandy spit
Time to go sailing
A Belted Sandfish on Mammoth Rock Reef , in the Gulf of Mexico, off Clearwater Beach, Florida.
RMS Rhone Bulkhead
The Prince Albert wreck at CoCoView. Olympus c5050 with Sea & Sea strobe. Not sure what type blennie this is, but he was very patient with me.
Interior of the Rhone is loaded with coral and other sea life. This is looking into a passageway left in the Rhone.
Yellow sponges with blue Chromis
Natural Light shot of an Old Motor at Tres Cocos Belize
Trunk fish at the "Indians". Just off the coast of Pelican island is a rocky feature know as the "Indians". Because of the stormy skies the dive was essentially a night dive. Towards the end of the dive I came across this very shy trunkfish.
Turtle Focus.
Scrawled Cowfish natural light
I doubt that these french grunts could see the colors of the coral ledge they were hiding under but I could with just a bit of flash
Sawtooth Arrow Shrimp (Tozeuma serratum). I collected one and sent it to a marine biologist for identification. She said I may have the first live photos of this species. You don't have to go to exotic locations to capture something new!
In the wheelhouse of the RMS Rhone at nearly 90 feet, life flourishes almost 150 years after the sinking of the Rhone. I found these bream just hovering above the coral and sponges. On the day of our dive it was stormy and light was precious.
Pop Art
Just bubbles...
Green Moray
This Nurse Shark put his head right into my lens before I got this shot.. Canon 350D 1/200 f8 50mm
Cozumel, Mexico
Lu was viewing all of the corals and sponges as I took this shot.
I can never get over the beauty of Queen Angel Fish
Angel Way
Caribbean Cruise Line making it's way out of Cozumel
Yellow Headed Wrasse - Natural light
Four Eyed Butterfly - Natural light
1283 Entries Found: Page 42  of  48

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