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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Banda Sea

1757 Entries Found: Page 4  of  66
The eye of a flathead crocodilefish. I felt, rather than saw his departure right after I snapped this shot; his eyelashes are just gorgeous!
Cowry allies (Globovula cavanaghi). Picture was taken in Ambon Bay, Indonesia. February 2019
Napoleon snake ell. Picture was taken in Ambon Bay, Indonesia
Title: Pink Lady
Date Taken:21 DEC 2017
Camera: Canon 5D Mark 4
Housing: Sea & Sea
Lens: Canon 100mm Marco F/2.8L
Strobe: 2* Sea & Sea Ysd1
Diopter: Naticam SMC
Setting: F/13 1/125 ISO 200
Candy crab.
Nikon D800E. , 105 macro , two strobo.
Raja ampat.
The coral sea . Raja Ampat . Indonesia .
nikon D800E , 16mm , two strobo
Do i look candy!
"Japanese garden", Banda sea, Indonesia
Mr. Shy guy!
Rhinophia vs his meal. Only 2 people in the world know if he has eaten or not...
Resting turtle under a table coral.
2 nudi's
The rare Psychedelic Frogfish combined with the Retra LSD create a very spooky portrait with a natural black background produced before editing.
Sweet lips . Raja Ampat . Cape Kri
Nikon D800E , 16mm , Two strobo
Sweetlips. Raja Ampat . cape Kri
Nikon D800E , 16 mm, two strobo
The green cave . Raja Ampat
Nikon D800E , 10,5 mm . No strobo.
Juvenile cardinal fish
Raja ampat Indonesia
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , two strobo
Candy crab on soft coral
Raja Ampat with daniele Daniele Daniele and Agusta resort
Nikon D800E , 105 macro , two strobo sea and sea 120YS
ISO200 , f 25 , 1/125
A small cuttlefish hides in a patch of coral in Lembeh.
In a symbiotic relationship, a small shrimp cleans out the hole it shares with a goby who keeps a lookout for predators.
Clown fishes. Raja Ampat
Nikon D800E , 105 mm, two strobo
A green turtle swims through a school of trigger fish in Manado.
Fast shark. Nikon D800E , 17-35mm , two strobo.
ISO200, F10, 1/25
A pair of shrimps cavort on the edge of a colorful coral in Lembeh.
Tiny crab nestled between the "branches" of a sea pen.
Pikachiu nudi. Nikon d800E , 105 macro
Raja Ampat
1757 Entries Found: Page 4  of  66

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