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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Portugal

760 Entries Found: Page 8  of  29
Shark dive @ Pico, Azores
Shark dive @ Pico, Açores
Blennius gatorrugine
Aplysidae puntacta
Divers watching mobula fly bye at Princess Alice Bank - Azores
Blue shark, Azores.
"Sunny day"
"Yes, I do have chamaelion eyes and I can see everything arround me..."
"Into the dark"
At home.
Blue dressed in Black
Sperm whates and diver
"Well, Mr. alien, up there you have Arrábida's cliffs, which are one of the scenic highlights of this natural park, but the climate is a little dry for me, I prefer it down here despite of the anoying seagulls trying to bite my legs off..."
"Greetings Mr. Alien, feel welcome into my world, just be careful not to harm any of us, or damage our houses.
My name is Pedro Crab and I'll be your guide for today..."
Aerobatic formation under water - a group of mobulas
"Excuse me mister alien, could you step asside please, I need to get home before lunch time. Thank you!"
"Studio session with Amilcar the topmodel"
"My world is completely upside down"
Flabellina babai
"The jyu-jitsu master explaining some defence moves"
"Catch me if you can"
Necora puber
"The contortionist"
Mobula vs Diver, Azores
760 Entries Found: Page 8  of  29

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