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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Qunyi Zhang

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Lady bug. Shot by Nikon Z7. 105mm. Nauticam SMC-1
A Lembeh blue ring octopus. Shot by Nikon Z7 with 105mm.
Shot by Nikon Z7, 105mm. A flamboyant octopus is eating a shrimp.
Long arm octopus with a shocked diver behind. Shot by Nikon Z7, 60mm.
Bubble Bee Shrimp. By Nikon Z7, 105mm, Nauticam housing, Nikon SB10 Strobe.
By Nikon Z7, 60mm, Naticam housing, Nikon SB N10 Strobe.
Tiger shark is an awesome creature. You can easily tell the difference between them. They have different lines on their bodies. This one has the most beautiful lines. Shot by Nikon Z7.
Shot by Nikon Z7 + 14-30mm, with Nauticam housing. Location is Fuvahmulah island Maldives. Tiger shark close.
tiger shark by Nikon z7
Redhead beard goby. By Nikon z7, 105mm and nauticam housing.
Long arm octopus in black water dive. By Nikon Z7, 60mm and nauticam housing.
Pink eye goby yawling on the coral. Shot by Nikon Z7 with 105mm macro, plus nauticam SMC1.
Shot in black water dive. Unknown name. By Nikon z7 + 60mm macro.
Black water dive in Anilao, Philippines. If you rotate the pix 90 degrees, it's a flounder fish. But the marks on it's body make the fish look like a lady face, with long eyebrows.
Anilao Photo Academy
Anilao, Philippines
Camera: Nikon z7 + SMC1
Lens: Nikon 105mm
Housing: Nauticam housing
Strobe: Inon z240 x2
Settings: iso8 F10 1/200
Sony6500. Dinner time.
Cuttle fishes are mating. For one moment, the three have different colors. Shot by sony 6500.
Crocodile fish laying on a big tank at Darawan Island.
Maratua island, Indonesia. Thousands of barracuda swimming against the big current. Shot by Sony 6500.
A running rabbit. A nudibranch facing against the current. At derawan island, Indonesia. Shot by Sony 6500 with Zeiss 50mm macro optic.
Two small white tip reef sharks live under the hard coral at Kakaban island, Indonesia. One of them has a hook in the mouth. If you have any chance diving there, please say hello.
Profile of a nudi. Looks like a rabbit. Taken by sony 6500. At derawan island, Indonesia.
Picture taken at Kakaban jelly fish lake in Indonesia. With a Sony 6500 camera, nautical housing and Inon 240 strobe.
I made this round circle manually. The sky looks like the earth and the jelly fish looks like a space ship.
A swan nudi at Anilao, Philippines. Shot by sony 6500.
Soft coral crab. At Romblon, Philippines. By sony 6500.
Cyerce Bourbonica nudibranch. Shot by sony 6500.
A Sheep nudi. By sony 6500.
40 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2